Pet-friendly holidays in Italy

Travelling can take you to the ends of the earth, visit extraordinary sites, eat sublime food and sleep in enchanting places. But in most cases the difference between an ordinary holiday and a special, sometimes unforgettable holiday is the company.

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Solo traveller in Southern Italy

A trip is always a discovery: of places, people, culinary specialities, and also of oneself ... especially when you decide to set off alone!

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Choosing walking holidays as a commitment to climate change

Greta Thunberg, CO2 emissions, pollution: the reports transmitted by the news agencies seem to catalyze our attention in only one emergency, that of the climate change

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Self-Guided Tour in Southern Italy

Hiking in Puglia
was a hard idea to achieve until a few years ago.

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Father and son holiday: the perfect adventure

The world observed with the lively and naive eyes of children reveals to a curious adult its most magic and surprising aspect! 

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Holidays in Puglia all year round: mild climate and pleasant temperatures

The beauty of Puglia has no season: every period of the year can offer you an unforgettable vacation, characterised by breathtaking landscapes that change month after month.

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Smart guide of Lecce: art and flavours by bike

After having admired the most important monuments of Lecce city and visited the most beautiful museums (read Smart guide of Lecce: discover Lecce by bike), it is time to completely immerse yourself into the culture of the chief town of Salento.

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Smart guide of Lecce by bike

In Lecce you can enjoy a unique atmosphere, characterized by the harmonious mix between the authentic spirit of the South of Italy and the historical-artistic beauty with an international resonance.

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Walks of Italy: Matera and Alberobello, explore the fantastic Puglia

The South of Italy is a land rich in splendid tourist destinations: each one, with its monuments and traditions, tells a truly ancient past.

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Bike rental in Puglia: choose the right bike

A bike tour gives you the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions, allowing you to reach places where the car cannot arrive.

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