is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the richest region in material and immaterial goods declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in Italy.

It is a region which amazes with its history and its ancient traditions, but also with its enchanting and varied natural landscapes.

Homeland of almond paste, of ice-cream, of arancino and of cannolo, just to mention a few Sicilian gastronomic specialties, the island can tempt the palate of the visitors coming from all over the world. It is no coincidence, indeed, that Sicilian cuisine boasts one of the most worldwide famous food traditions.

Now let us set off together, to explore the most authentic flavours of Western Sicily, in an amazing tour between the provinces of Trapani and Palermo.

A slow tour dedicated to taste

The philosophy which has always inspired our tours combines the slowness of discovering places with the active participation of experiential tourism.

Our proposals of hiking or bike tours always include workshops, tastings, guided tours, because for us, traveling is not only visiting new places, but also entering into connection with the history, traditions and people from those places.

Sicily is the perfect destination for those who want to travel in accordance with the philosophy by Slow Active Tours: the breath-taking panoramas of the island hide a thousand secrets to be slowly discovered. Walking along the coasts of Sicily or through its hinterland along the Magna Via Francigena will be pleasant and surprising! And on top of that, the local cuisine can greatly repay you for the effort of the long walks… It is absolutely worth it!

Let’s start from Scopello…

Located in the province of Trapani, Scopello is a literally legendary town: it is said, indeed, that right by here Ulysses passed during his return journey to Ithaca.

The numerous attractions that you can visit here are the witness of the passage of different civilizations and peoples. Scopello is also famous for its unspoiled beaches, for its coves hidden in a lush vegetation and for its splendid sea stacks dominating the crystal-clear sea. Walking along the paths immersed in these suggestive sceneries will give you a unique experience… and will certainly make you hungry!

Besides the many seafood recipes that you will have the possibility to taste along the Sicilian coasts, we suggest you to taste here the so-called “Pane Cunzatu” (seasoned bread), a simple but hearty meal, ideal for those who would like to discover the authentic flavours of this land: extra virgin olive oil, tomato, Sicilian primo sale cheese, anchovies are the main ingredients used to season this bread, but there are many variants!

The spectacle of nature in Sicily

It could not have been more beautiful than it is, even if it were painted by an artist: Sicily can boast very extraordinary landscapes from a naturalistic point of view. We propose you a tour including hiking days to two famous nature reserves: Riserva dello Zingaro and Riserva di Monte Cofano. In this splendid scenery where sea and land meet, the wild nature of the Mediterranean scrub stands out with its colours and scents, the paradisiac coves immersed in the lush green nature will project you into a dream.

Riserva dello Zingaro is near San Vito Lo Capo, popular tourist destination in the South of Italy and homeland of the “Cous cous Fest”. Cous cous alla trapanese is the result of the fusion of two cultures: it is, indeed, a Sicilian version based on fish of a Northern African typical dish. Heritage of the Arabian domination, cous cous has become over the time a traditional recipe of Sicilian gastronomy.

A sweet interlude in Erice

Once reached Erice, medieval village whose crenelated towers stand out in a wooded panorama, you will have the possibility to stop here for a tasting of typical sweets. In particular, this town is famous for its delicacies with almond paste. The ancient recipe has been preserved for centuries by the lay sisters of the Convent of Saint Charles and it is the same that still inspires the confectionery art of the famous bakery Maria Grammatico.

The Sicilian confectionery tradition includes not only almond paste. Two famous examples are:

  • the Cassata: this delicacy does not need to be introduced. Almond paste, ricotta, candied citrus fruit: the ingredients express the cultural mix that characterises its story. The decorations, instead, reflect the pompous style of the Sicilian Baroque. Irresistible.
  • the Cannolo: symbol of the Sicilian bakery, this pastry is a triumph of flavour. It is said that the recipe was invented by the women in the harem of Caltanissetta, inspired by an ancient Roman recipe. Explosive.

The products of the fishery in Favignana

After having visited the splendid Trapani, you can reach Favignana island by hydrofoil. True heaven on earth, the island offers breath-taking landscapes with coves, caves and the crystal-clear sea.

The sea will be the absolute protagonist of your tour here; it has inspired the long ancient local food tradition. It is no coincidence that here you can find one of the most famous tuna fisheries in the region, nowadays seat of a museum. During your stay, you cannot miss to eat dishes based on fish, especially tuna, swordfish and anchovies. You must taste the busiate, a local type of pasta, also in the pistachio version.

Palermo: capital of street food

Declared European capital of the street food, Palermo, splendid Baroque chief town of Sicily, will certainly satisfy your appetite!

Which are the unmissable specialties? You are really spoilt for choice. We just mention a few:

  • Arancino (or arancina): it is the true star of the street food, a rice timbale seasoned with meat sauce, tomatoes and cheese. Worldwide famous.
  • Bread with panelle e crocché: a classic of the local tradition, it is a sandwich stuffed with potato croquettes and chickpea fritters. A must-try!
  • Sfincione: delicious focaccia, with a sponge-like texture, enriched with tomatoes, onion, anchovies and cheese. Caloric, but it is worth.
  • Stigghiole: roasted lamb entrail and onion skewers. To be tasted without further delay, a bomb!

A trip to Sicily is an experience that you must live at least once in life: both your palate and your eyes will be satisfied; the spectacular views are also offered by the tables of the restaurants and by the street food stalls!