Postcards from Salento

One of the most beautiful walks on the south-eastern coast of Puglia photographed by an experienced walker

A Puglia Walking Holiday: pictures from the Salento peninsula.

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A father-son experience: first hiking route in Puglia

It’s the exciting tale of Edwin, a Dutch blogger who has traveled his first hiking route in Puglia. For a long time Edwin wanted to live an active (and slow) holiday through the heel of Italy and eventually he found us. We helped him achieve the mission and his father came with him. And together they discovered the wonders of the Valley of Trulli …

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Cycling in Puglia: tips and itineraries

The combination of Puglia and bike is becoming increasingly popular among thousands of tourists who every year choose to spend their vacations in the versatile heel of Italy.

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Pizzica Dance

Salento is Sun, Sea and Wind…Salento is Summer, Beach and Party!
And when it comes to partying, the thought naturally connects to music and wild dancing.

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Eating in Noci: Marino's divine sandwich

There is always a reason to extend an itinerary, to divert some kilometer and enrich the day with something more, especially when it comes to gluttony.

And when we are cycling near Noci, the reason, the most of times, it’s called Marino.

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Rail Crossing in Salento

The clear and evident ringing is what announces the lowering of barriers in opaque red and white stripes of an old rail crossing. A woman not far, at the tollbooth, turns the crank that operates the mechanism. She looks at me and greets...

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On the Via Francigena…

Few weeks ago, they proposed to me to tread a part of the southern Via Francigena, between Lecce and Otranto, I accepted with enthusiasm, even if I didn’t think to live something similar to Santiago's experience...

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