The best Apulian coastal walk: from Otranto to Leuca

Are you looking for a highly stimulating experience in contact with nature? Hiking in Puglia is that is right for you: follow us in an exciting coastal walk to discover a wonderful corner of this region.

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Visiting the Ligurian east on foot: the unmissable places

Among the many lifestyles and the thousand options that modernity offers us, one certainty remains absolute: we all need holidays!

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A Walking guide of Camogli

Camogli is a spectacular seaside village that overlooks the Ligurian Riviera of Levante and is easily visited on foot.

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The paths of the Via Francigena: walking in history

Important arteries connecting Europe, from England to the Southern Italy, passing through Switzerland and France and branching off into several directions, the itineraries of the Francigena Way retraces centuries of history.

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Walking holidays in Italy: best trails in Lo Stivale

The Italian territory is a true trove of inestimable treasures: each region boasts a rich heritage of natural, artistic, architectonic beauties, in addition to many tradition and an excellent local cuisine.

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Typical recipes from Apulian tradition

Puglia is worldwide famous for the typical dishes of its traditional cuisine: a trip into this region is, indeed, an immersive trip of the senses. 

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Family Active holidays in Puglia

2020 has made Italy and the world face a new and unexpected challenge, that has unavoidably changed our daily habits. 

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Western Sicily Travel Guide: the best events

Would you like to plan a trip to Sicily, but you do not know when to set off? Well, Sicily is certainly beautiful all year round! Plus, the pleasant climate also allows you to enjoy the beauty of this region in any season.

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Western Sicilian specialties: what to try

is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the richest region in material and immaterial goods declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in Italy.

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Jewish Puglia: history and traditions

, ancient Messapian land, has been melting pot of peoples and cultures cohabiting for centuries in this narrow stretch of land.

Epicentre of the Mediterranean trade routes for long time, the Heel of Italy has an incredible story, with infinite witnesses amazing still today. Among these, the existence of Jewish colonies in Southern Italy already in the age of the Republican Rome.

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