Smart guide of Lecce by bike

In Lecce you can enjoy a unique atmosphere, characterized by the harmonious mix between the authentic spirit of the South of Italy and the historical-artistic beauty with an international resonance.

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Walks of Italy: Matera and Alberobello, explore the fantastic Puglia

The South of Italy is a land rich in splendid tourist destinations: each one, with its monuments and traditions, tells a truly ancient past.

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Bike rental in Puglia: choose the right bike

A bike tour gives you the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions, allowing you to reach places where the car cannot arrive.

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Southern Italy travel: the best Amalfi Coast trails

Discovering the South of Italy on foot is an amazing experience! It allows you to come into close contact, with stunning landscapes and interesting cultures.

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Walking tour in Italy: along the southeast coast of Puglia

The tours we propose at Slow Active Tours are one of the best ways to explore the enchanting places of Southern Italy: discovering the Heel of Italy through a walking hoiliday is a unique opportunity.

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Amalfi Coast walking tour: an Italian holiday with beautiful sea-views

Hiking along the Amalfi Coast
is one of the most exciting experience that one can do during an Italian holiday.

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Food & wine itineraries in Puglia: a guide to local flavors

is a land which offers typical flavours that can delight every palate; this applies both to the dishes of ancient rural tradition and maritime tradition.

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The Via Francigena in the south: an ancient pilgrim route

The Via Francigena is a route which dates back to the Middle Ages and connects Canterbury to Puglia: nowadays it allows to live exciting experiences between the sacred and the profane.

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Ancient Apulian masserie: where the traditions of the past are still alive

Over the centuries, Apulian masserie have represented the main core of farm life and still today they are a symbol of the Apulian rural tradition.

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Visit Puglia on two wheels: discovering the nature by bike

In recent years slow travels have been finally revalued, to discover new places and cultures.

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