Visiting Manarola: the complete guide

Walking through Manarola you will immediately realize its particularity. In fact, the village rises around a stream (now covered) from which all the alleys branch off to reach the typical high and colorful Ligurian houses that attract thousands of tourists every year. And what better way to visit a place like Manarola than on foot? You will find a lot of interesting information to create your holiday in this wonderful village.

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Visit Vernazza: the complete guide

Vernazza is one of the Cinque Terre of the wonderful Ligurian territory. Considered the jewel of the Riviera, it is easy to stay breathless in front of its narrow streets overlooking the blue sea. Walking through Vernazza and its paths it is very easy to come across dry stone walls and fields that make this small village unique. As you may have guessed, the best way to visit the Cinque Terre and Vernazza in particular is on foot, which is why  you will find some magnificent itineraries offered by Slow Active tours.

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Visit Corniglia: the complete guide

Corniglia is a small village located exactly in the center of the Cinque Terre. Its main peculiarity is to never be bathed by the sea. In fact, walking to Corniglia you can realize that it is located exactly on top of a rocky promontory surrounded by vineyards that make the landscape breathtaking. Another characteristic that distinguishes this small village is the fact that it can only be reached through a long staircase. If you want to live a unique experience visiting the Cinque Terre and Corniglia on foot, you will find fantastic ideas for numerous trekking experiences throughout Liguria.

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Visit Torraca: the complete guide

Torraca is a hidden jewel in the south of Italy: from the village you can admire the Bulgheria massif which curves and sinks into the sea, on one side, and Maratea on the hill, on the other. Its breathtaking landscapes, immersed in the boundless horizon of the sea, are indescribable.

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Visit Montano Antilia: the complete guide

Montano Antilia is a small agricultural centre nestled in the lower Cilento, at the foot of Mount Gelbison, between the Mingardo and Lambro valleys.

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Visit Morigerati: the complete guide

Morigerati is a very small village perched on top of a cliff, a jewel set in the Cilento and Vallo di Daino National Park, where only 680 inhabitants live.                        

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Visit Casaletto Spartano: the complete guide

Casaletto Spartano is a small town nestled on a plateau surrounded by woods on the shore of the Busseto river. 

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Visit Caselle in Pittari: the complete guide

Caselle in Pittari is an ancient town located on top of a hill, immersed in a characteristic karst landscape. It is no coincidence that the toponym means "small houses on the rocky mountain". 

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Visit Rofrano: the complete guide

Rofrano is a charming village in Southern Cilento, nestled in the upper Mingardo Valley, 450 metres above sea level. Here the rigid air coming from Monte Cervati is softened by the delicate sea breeze from the Gulf of Policastro, offering a perfect union between sea and mountains                             

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Visit San Nazario: the complete guide

San Nazario is a small village nestled in a valley surrounded by three small mountains, gently immersed among olive groves and plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub.     

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