Visit Sasso Marconi: the complete guide


Sasso Marconi is the first town we encounter in the hilly area of the Bolognese Apennines. Totally immersed in nature, surrounded by mountains and the Reno river, it owes its very particular name to Guglielmo Marconi, the Nobel Prize winner for physics, father of the radiotelegraph.

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Visit Gravina di Puglia: the complete guide

Gravina di Puglia is a small town near Bari known mainly for being the main headquarters of the Alta Murgia National Park.

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Visit Bologna: the complete guide

European Capital of Culture, city of music, seat of the oldest university in the world: Bologna is one of the main hubs between northern and southern Italy, but also the nerve centre of students from all over Italy and the world, making the city an extraordinary multicultural cradle.

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Visit Bitetto: the complete guide

Starting from Bari and continuing with the Cammino Materano you arrive at the characteristic city of Bitetto, a municipality of almost 12,000 inhabitants called the "city of Termite olives", precisely because of the particular quality of the olives that grow in these areas. 

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Visit Cassano delle Murge: the complete guide

Cassano delle Murge, also known as Cassano Murge, is a small town in the province of Bari, located in the highest area of Puglia on the Murge plateau. It's particularly known for its proximity to the Mercadante forest, a wonderful equipped pine forest built in 1928.

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Visit Altamura: the complete guide

Altamura is a small town in the province of Bari that despite its small size is known throughout the country thanks to its bread Altamura PDO, the IGP lentil, and for the discovery of Homo neanderthalensis occurred in these areas.

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Trek in Maiori: from the Lemon trail to the Sanctuary of the Avvocata

Steep cliffs plunging sheer into the sea, a coastline dotted with small beaches and tiny fishing villages: a trek to Maiori is truly ideal for those who want to try their hand at a fascinating excursion with the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast as a backdrop.

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Walk in Capri: a day between Villa Jovis and the Faraglioni

A trek on Capri is a fun way to discover this wonderful island, so varied and unique at the same time.

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How cycle tourism was born

The history of cycle tourism has deep roots that go hand in hand with the evolution of the bicycle.

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Eating in Bari: food traditions and local recipes

The cuisine of Puglia is a consistent piece of the wonderful world of Italian food and wine, and Bari with its culinary specialties are rightfully part of it.
Come with us on this journey through the culinary specialties of the Apulian capital!

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