Travelling, you can reach the far end of the world, visit extraordinary sites, eat sublime food and sleep in enchanting places, but, in most cases, it is the company that makes the difference between an ordinary vacation and a special, sometimes unforgettable, one. Setting off with the right travel companion is, therefore, fundamental… when you have the freedom to choose!!

Not always, for example, teenagers would spend their holidays with their parents, but they have no alternative: soon or later, they will grow and will have the possibility to decide for themselves, and not only about their holidays! (but this is another story ?)

On holiday with your pets

There are people who travel with friends, people who love to do it alone, people who decide to choose a romantic couple tour and people who go on a group trip hoping to find fun and nice friends, to share emotions and exchange email addresses.

And then there are those who do not want to separate, neither on holiday, by their most loyal friend: the pet.

Travelling with your dog, or leaving with your cat on vacation, is the way to share happy moments out of the normal daily life, spent between the house and, for the luckiest ones, the park in the nearby.

Planning the journey with your pets

Sometimes, the idea of spending your vacation with your pet could be hard to manage, because, especially for some destinations, it is difficult to find pet-friendly restaurants and hotels or to move with pet-friendly means of transportation: even bringing your cat on the plane is not easy!

If you want to avoid to make your vacation stressful already before departure, you will have the possibility to rely on who, such as Slow Active Tours, can help you to plan and make pleasant your unforgettable pet-friendly vacation.

We know that your loyal friend likes to spend time outdoors, like you, who choose a dynamic, active and slow holiday, to discover the unicity and the authenticity of the places you will visit.

Welcome, four-legged friends!

Do not hesitate to ask a dogs-welcome vacation! We are at your complete disposal to best plan the type of travel you prefer: trekking, cycling or gastronomic and cultural tours. If you decide to travel with your hairy companion, we will design to the minimum detail the four-legged vacation tailored for you, from the simple weekend with your dog to a longer vacation with your loyal friend.

Ad hoc tours with your dog: emotions guaranteed

Maria Teresa and Giuseppe travelled with us and their two beautiful dogs. They chose a tailor made tour, which made them walk some paths of the magical Valle d’Itria and of the enchanting coastal park from Otranto to Leuca.

They did not give up anything, in fact they came home enriched by joyful emotions and by indelible memories of wild places experienced in playful company, witnessed by that few of white sand still on the floor, unknowingly carried by their lovely ruffled pile of hair.

Dog-friendly walking in the South of Italy

If you love animals and nature, the maximum of the experience you could desire to live is certainly an outdoor trip with your loyal friend. And it will not be the case of improvising: pets are used to a certain comfort and to follow their routine, therefore it is good to study all in detail so that this experience could amuse your hairy travel companion and not destabilise him.

We at Slow Active Tours are here for this: we want to accompany you and your dog (or cat) by hand (or paw) in a journey like you could not have imagined.

We will give you ideas about the itineraries to follow in the South of Italy, we will introduce you mainly our walking tour proposals, which are the most suitable for the company of your four-legged friend, we will suggest you pet-friendly accommodations, where to rest after a more or less long walk.

At the sea with your dog

If you travel in summer, there are also many dog-friendly beaches, equipped or not. In Salento, for example, there are many of them both on the Adriatic and on the Ionian side. Among the free beaches where you can let your pet play and refresh, for example, we suggest you Marina di Mancaversa, Porto Selvaggio and Lido Pizzo (which are natural reserves, so on a leash!) on the Ionian coast, and the beaches of San Cataldo and San Foca on the Adriatic coast.

Do not underestimate a regenerating stop with your dog in a sunny beach of the South of Italy: there are many benefits you and your loyal friend can enjoy. The sea water has curative properties on the dog’s skin, it helps the restoration of the damaged tissue and enhances its look. Moreover, the sun is good for the bones and improve the mood of you dog! But pay attention to avoid the hottest time and a prolonged exposure. And keep your dog hydrated with copious water (obviously, not the salted water of the sea!).

Trips with your dog: some useful tips

Firstly, carefully consider the suitability of your dog to follow you in an adventurous walk in the South of Italy. Is he really ready? Has he the right age (more than 1 years old but not too old) and the right level of training? Perhaps, before to leave for a walking tour, get him used to long walks through the town or in countryside. Moreover, keep in mind that small dogs get tired before that medium-big ones.

Then, since you will be immersed into the nature, we suggest you to shear the dog before departure, to keep him cleaner.

Be sure that he has eaten at least three hours before the trip: in this way, he will be well-fed, but not weighed down by the digestive processes. Bring always fresh water to avoid that he dehydrates and bowls and snacks for the journey.

Pick up after your dog with the proper dustpan and bags and do not forget to bring the leash (and perhaps also a spare one), antiparasitic drugs and a tweezers for ticks.

We are sure that, following these easy tips and relying on the professionalism of Slow Active Tours, you and your four-legged friend will live a unique experience, that will enrich you and unite each other more than before! Just the thought makes him wag his tail!

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