San Piero a Sieve is a municipality in the province of Florence which is located 212 metres above sea level. Given its position, cattle breeding is particularly developed in these areas, from which the meat for the famous Florentine steak is also obtained.

San Piero a Sieve has a very ancient history that dates back to the early Neolithic years, even if the period of greatest development for the town occurred in the Etruscan era. Since the early Middle Ages, this hilltop village became the main hub between Florence and Bologna, for this reason numerous travellers stopped there during their journey.
It was considered a rural village dedicated to agriculture and livestock breeding, until it was annexed to the Medici kingdom. With the fall of these, the territory came under the control of the Habsburg-Lorraine royal house of Tuscany, thanks to which it had a long period of prosperity.

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What to see in San Piero a Sieve

We have prepared a list of things not to be missed in San Piero a Sieve to enjoy the beauty of this fascinating Tuscan village in peace.
Why not decide to dedicate a day to discover the beauties of San Piero a Sieve?

  • Villa Medicea del Trebbio
  • Parish Church of San Pietro
  • Medici fortress of San Martino
  • Villa Schifanoia

And now let's set off together to discover the most incredible places in San Piero a Sieve!

Villa Medici del Trebbio

This imposing Villa, already in the possession of the family, was completely renovated by Cosimo de' Medici in 1433 in order to acquire greater prestige. Inside the complex, the Palace has a watchtower and a drawbridge, as well as a courtyard with a well, a garden on two terraces and a vegetable garden. At the side of the Villa it is also possible to visit a small chapel.
The Villa is currently privately owned, but since 2013 it has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list and can therefore be visited via guided tours.

Parish Church of San Pietro

The Parish Church of San Pietro is a religious building dedicated to the patron saint of the town and was also built on commission by the Medici family. It was originally built in 1018, but then restored several times over the years. The parish church is small in size, but inside it preserves an unimaginable heritage. 
Among these are the octagonal baptismal font in glazed terracotta depicting the life of Saint John the Baptist and a wooden crucifix attributed to Raffaello da Montelupo.

Medici fortress of San Martino

The Medici fortress of San Martino represents one of the largest in Europe, thanks to its surface area of ​​65,000 square metres. It was built between the second half of the 1500s and the beginning of the 1600s for protective purposes, which is why inside it is possible to admire the troops' homes and a chapel. After being abandoned, since 2011 it has been possible to visit it again. 
Regarding the fortress, there is an ancient legend according to which, during the construction of the foundations of the walls, on a stormy night, right next to the excavations, lightning struck the ground, hurling a dragon from the sky into the bowels of the earth. Since then there have been stories of strange phenomena that occurred right at the gates of the fortress. 

Villa Schifanoia

Located on the road that connects the two cities of Florence and Bologna, the Villa has often been used to control and dominate the countryside, given its elevated position. Although, starting from 1300, it simply took on a residential role.
Characterised by a large garden full of vegetation, the peculiarity of the villa is that it was built entirely around a tower with a dual purpose: to control and to defend the surrounding territories. 

What to do in San Piero a Sieve - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the wonders hidden among the gentle hills of San Piero a Sieve, the time has come to get to the heart of adventure life this region has to offer. For this reason we have prepared a list of things to do around San Piero a Sieve that you absolutely cannot miss!

Via degli Dei

If you are in San Piero a Sieve, you are probably a lover of nature walks, for this reason you absolutely cannot miss a unique experience such as the Via degli Dei, a trekking route that unites the two wonderful cities of Florence and Bologna, giving you the possibility of admiring breathtaking views crossing the Apennines.

Mugello racetrack

For all motorcycling enthusiasts, a visit to the Mugello racetrack is essential, just a few kilometres away from San Piero a Sieve. Here it will be possible to visit the entire factory and even drive a racing car.

Popular festivals and celebrations of San Piero a Sieve

During the last week of May you cannot miss the Palio della Fortezza: in this exciting historical re-enactment, the four districts that make up the city compete in five popular games (“at the wash house”, “il vaglio della rena” a strength challenge, finding the ruler, the cart race and brick handrail) to win the title of district of the year. At the beginning of May, however, the spring festival takes place. During this occasion the town is filled with stalls selling local gastronomy products and stages where singers of all kinds perform in rotation. 

The traditional cuisine of San Piero a Sieve

In the area of ​​San Piero a Sieve, products from the land are widely used, which is why the traditional dishes of San Piero are mainly Mugello tortelli, made with egg pasta filled with potatoes grown in the area, farinata, vegetable minestrone and tagliatelle seasoned with mushrooms or hare and wild boar meat. Particularly important in the Mugello area is cattle, sheep and pig breeding, from which "High quality Mugello selection" milk and meat are obtained. In fact, it is precisely on these farms that the famous "Fiorentina" is bred, one of the best and best-known steaks inside and outside the national territory. 

Eating and drinking in San Piero a Sieve

Bonaugo pizzeria restaurant in Provinciale street, 5E. The speciality of this restaurant is certainly the welcome that brings warmth and traditional dishes to the table that makes every guest feel at home. Furthermore, genuine farm-to-table food will be extremely appreciated.
Pizzeria I' Regolo in Calimara street, 4. Considered by many guests to be the best pizza in Tuscany, Pizzeria I' Regolo amazes everyone with its gourmet pizzas and the raw materials of best quality.
Osteria All'Aglione in Provinciale street, 5A/b. Excellent trattoria with local specialties and excellences. Moreover, the excellent service and helpful staff create the perfect atmosphere for a dream meal. 

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