Casaletto Spartano is a small town nestled on a plateau surrounded by woods on the shore of the Busseto river. 

According to a local legend, it seems that the town arose around the ancient Spartoso district, from which the name "Spartano'' could derive. According to some, however, the latter derives from "sparto", a plant from the Mediterranean areas, present almost everywhere in the Casaletta area.
The first nucleus of the town developed at the foot of Monte Difesa due to the presence of numerous water sources essential for survival. The first document that can give a historical location to the town is a small stone plaque with a Latin engraving dating back to the 11th century.

If these places fascinate you, you will encounter Casaletto Spartano with one of our tours:

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What to see in Casaletto Spartano

We have prepared a list of things to see in Casaletto Spartano, to admire the beauty of this small town in peace. Spend a carefree day discovering the beauties of Casaletto Spartano:

  • Capelli Venere waterfalls;
  • Church of San Nicola da Bari;
  • Church of Santa Maria della Stella;
  • The Galotti Castle.

And now let's set off together to discover the places of Casaletto Spartano!

Capelli di Venere waterfalls

The waterfalls are an oasis of peace, a spectacle of uncontaminated nature, so named for the Maidenhair plant, a type of fern that grows luxuriantly attached to the rock. They are among the most important waterfalls in Campania, real beauties formed by the progress of the Bussentino, which with the flow of its waters has created real natural pools in which it is possible to bathe, enjoying clear and freezing even in the middle of August. The spectacular presence of mosses and lichens creates a suggestive overlap of natural colours that do not go unnoticed.

Church of San Nicola da Bari

The Mother Church dedicated to San Nicola, patron saint of the town, dominates the central  Municipio square. Due to its importance, it has been the main spiritual meeting place of the Spartan religious community for centuries. The three naves that make up the structure are characterised by light colours and the presence of valuable statues. To further embellish it, the valuable stucco decorations and a five hundred pipe organ, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, whose sound is able to add considerable splendour to the church's ceremonies.

Church of Santa Maria della Stella

The Church of Santa Maria della Stella stands on the ashes of an old monastery. The interior is characterised by the presence on the altar of a refined sculpture of the Virgin with Child. After numerous reconstructions, today it has a single nave with an imposing bell tower on the right side.

Galotti Castle

The baronial castle is a manor that still retains all the charm of the 15th century. The imposing structure is almost intact, both in the lush gardens and in the internal environments. The spacious rooms house precious works of art, rich antiques, grandiose fireplaces, majestic staircases and large windows with bright colours. Still inhabited by the heirs who manage it with care and dedication, it seems like a place out of time where you can let your imagination inspire you.

What to do in Casaletto Spartano - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the wonders hidden in the streets of Casaletto Spartano, the time has come to get to the heart of the sounds and smells of this ancient village.
For this reason we have prepared a list of things to do in Casaletto Spartano that you absolutely cannot miss!

  • Visit the historic centre

    It is impossible to not be fascinated by the evocative walk in the historic centre which opens with small paved paths in the characteristic squares, with the Patrician residences and their stone portals, among the various places of worship in the surrounding area.

  • Otter Valley Trail

    It is an extraordinary trekking route that connects the municipality of Casaletto Spartano to Morigerati, on the same route that was once used to transport livestock. The path takes its name from the otter, a friendly nocturnal animal symbol of the Cilento National Park.

  • Cammino di San Nilo

    The Otter Valley Path coincides, for a stretch, with the  Cammino di San Nilo: an extraordinary and incredible walking route that will lead you to the discovery of an unusual Campania hinterland, through ancient paths totally immersed in the richest and most luxuriant nature of this corner of land.

Popular festivals and celebrations of Casaletto Spartano

One of the many festivals that take place in the charming medieval village is  'A Cuccìa, on May 1st. On this occasion the young people of the town knock on the doors of houses asking to donate legumes. In the evening, a large pot is prepared in the square where the legumes are cooked and then served to the participants as a wish for abundance and prosperity.
In the summer the square is transformed into an arena of laughter with the Hospitality Festival between music and theatre.
In the month of August various events brighten up the evenings of many tourists, such as the Ham Festival, or the Emigrant Festival dedicated to all those who return to the town to spend their holidays.
At the end of October the "Castagnata" is organised during the Chestnut Festival. A delicious smell of roasted chestnuts inebriates the alleys which are populated with numerous people, numerous food stands welcome event participants to enjoy good food, typical local dishes based on chestnuts and more.
On December 6th we celebrate Saint Nicholas of Bari, the patron saint of the town.

Typical dishes of Casaletto Spartano

The local cuisine of Casaletto Spartano is characterised by strong but genuine flavours, like the locals! Casalettano ham, which is produced by almost all families with techniques and traditions handed down over time, is an example of this. The production methods of this cured meat have taken root over the years, making it a gastronomic specialty known and appreciated in every part of Italy.

Eating and Drinking in Casaletto Spartano

Among the many restaurants in the centre, we recommend:
L'Oasi del Gusto in Nazionale street, 154. A location with a typical scent, excellent product quality, country flavours, at the end of the meal the local bitters are an excellent conclusion to lunch.
Osteria al Solito Posto in Nazionale street, 186. An immersion in tradition that will make you feel at home.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!