Walking through Levanto you will realize that it has something different than the other Ligurian villages. In fact, here you will not find busy tourists and crowded beaches, but a slight tranquility that will allow you to live your trip in the most peaceful way.

You can find traces of the ancient village of Levanto already in Roman times, when it served as a passage through the commercial streets.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire it underwent several dominations until the Kingdom of Genoa. Thanks to this, Levanto became an important trading port, also considering its proximity to the Via Francigena that easily allowed trade.
From here on it had a considerable prosperity until it fell under Napoleonic rule.

If these places fascinate you, you can visit Levanto with one of our tours in Liguria

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What to see in Levanto

Levanto is especially suitable for those who want a holiday surrounded by nature,long walks to the sea and hiking, but you should not underestimate its artistic and cultural aspect. Walking through Levanto and its alleys, in fact, you can admire many interesting buildings.
Why not decide to spend a carefree day to discover the beauties of this fascinating village in Liguria?
If you want to spend a day in Levanto, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Parish Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo
  • Medieval Loggia
  • Castle of San Giorgio 

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Levanto!

Parish Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo

The parish church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo, built in 1222, is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture, thanks to its facade with the characteristic horizontal lines of black and white marble. In addition, the 5 naves decorated with paintings and sculptures, including a painting by Andrea Semino, makes the church special.

Medieval Loggia

The Medieval Loggia is an imposing building easily visible if you walk around the historic center of Levanto on foot. Built in the thirteenth century on the bank of the river-port, in ancient times it served as a center of commerce, today it is part of the World Heritage Sites elected by UNESCO.

Castle of San Giorgio

The Castle of San Giorgio is an ancient military building built in 1265 as protection of the village of Levanto. It has an elongated shape that follows the coast and a tower from which the city walls once departed. Unfortunately, although today the castle is still totally intact and well preserved, you can not visit it.

What to do in Levanto - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the wonders hidden among the streets of Agrigento, the time has come to get to the heart of the sounds and smells of this ancient village. 

  • Ciclopedonale MareMonti

    A beautiful and evocative cycle path starts right from Levanto because it was built on the route of the former railway line that connects the small villages of Bonassola to Framura. The suggestive route winds for about 6 km between long stretches of tunnels that alternate with panoramas that sink their colors into the horizon.

  • Beaches

    One of the characteristics of Levanto are the long beaches of the coast. In fact, unlike the usual Ligurian beaches, that of Levanto is a sandy beach. Here you can spend a quiet afternoon walking along the seafront or relaxing sunbathing in one of the establishments present.  

  • Discover the beautiful historic center

    Walking through Levanto and its historic center you will realize that one of the most evocative things are the small streets full of small artisans' workshops and little shops selling all the typical products of Liguria.

  • Cinque Terre walking tour

    If you want to spend a more engaging holiday, you can't miss the wonderful trekking routes of Levanto. In fact, numerous paths suitable for every type of training start from this city. Certainly, the most characteristic path is the one that leads to Punta Mesco, a splendid promontory on whose summit an ancient castle is built.
    In the shadow of the characteristic and picturesque houses of Levanto, an incredible journey on foot begins that we at Slow Active Tours propose to discover the wonderful and exciting views that the Ligurian Riviera offers.

Festivals and Popular celebrations in Levanto 

If you are in Levanto in the summer, you can not absolutely miss the Festival Massimo Amfiteatrof. Dedicated to the homonymous cellist, the festival organizes live shows, meetings and conversations about the wonderful world of classical music. All the events are organized in the most evocative cloisters of the village, just to make the experience magical and unforgettable.
On July 25th, San Giacomo Apostolo is celebrated, an anniversary that involves brotherhoods throughout Liguria. The celebrations begin a few days before, when drummers accompanied by flag-wavers play cheerfully in the streets of the town. Then we arrive at the day of the solemn procession through the city streets with the effigy of San Giacomo Apostolo which will end with the blessing at the Rock of the Stone.
At the beginning of autumn an event takes place which has now become a fixed event for the Levanto community. We are talking about De Gustibus, a festival founded in 2002 with the aim of promoting knowledge of the territory and its typical quality products through cultural and food and wine events. Between September and October, the historic center of Levanto transforms into a cultural salon where culture and local gastronomy meet to enhance the charm of this land.
The Feast of Sant'Andrea, November 30th, is considered by all to be the true patronal feast of Levanto. In addition to religious celebrations, over the years, various prizes and awards have been established which are given to personalities who have distinguished themselves during the year.

Typical dishes of Levanto

Walking through Levanto you can see many shops and small restaurants where you can try traditional dishes.
The typical dish par excellence of Levanto is the Gattafin, ravioli filled with herbs and then fried. In addition to this, in Levanto you can taste all the dishes belonging to the Ligurian tradition, such as marinated anchovies and Ligurian rabbit. 
In autumn, the dishes offered by traditional cuisine are enriched with mushrooms, skilfully collected in the hills around Levanto. An example? ovoli mushrooms and potatoes in a pan.

Eating and Drinking in Levanto

Here are some suggestions from the area:
Gattabriga in Via Guani, 47. The friendly atmosphere and the friendly staff make an excellent surrounding to delicate dishes that enhance the excellent taste of fish. Recommended the excellent grouper bundle.
Le clarisse Levanto in Piazza Cavour. Must stop if you go by Levanto. Menu restricted that includes only traditional dishes and of the highest quality. Friendly staff and excellent wine round off the gastronomic offer. Particularly recommended are the first courses and homemade desserts.
La Picea in Via della Concia, 18. Particularly specialized in the preparation of pizza, a must if you want to spend a quiet evening and in company. What characterizes it is a light dough and the possibility to choose from many different flours and ingredients. Also suitable for customers with celiac disease. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!