Steep cliffs plunging sheer into the sea, a coastline dotted with small beaches and tiny fishing villages: a trek to Maiori is truly ideal for those who want to try their hand at a fascinating excursion with the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast as a backdrop.

Why visit Maiori

The first historical evidence relating to the origins of Maiori dates back to Roman times and tell of some residences of nobles who, struck by the infinite beauty of the coasts, decided to build their homes between the crystalline sea and jagged cliffs.
A timeless charm that is nourished year after year on the horizon of the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea, where wide sandy beaches join typical terraces cultivated with citrus fruits. Their cultivation, moreover, is linked to the naval tradition of this people: in fact, lemons, thanks to their many properties, can cure and prevent illnesses mainly due to vitamin C deficiency and it was therefore essential to have large quantities of them on board, especially during the long months of navigation.

What to see in a day in Maiori

Maiori is a jewel set in the rocky coastline of the Amalfi Coast and is composed of a main nucleus of houses with gardens overlooking the sea, while on the hills around the town lies the ancient village heavily affected by the 1954 flood. The vastness of the cultivated terraces distinguishes the panorama, which looks like a painting with bold brushstrokes of green that lap up against the blue sea, to which is added the unmistakable scent of lemons.
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And if you are thinking of leaving, why not decide to dedicate a day to discovering the beauties of Maiori?
We have chosen places not to be missed during a trek in Maiori to enjoy the beauty of this charming village in serenity:

  1. the Collegiata Santa Maria a Mare;
  2. the Abbey Santa Maria de Olearia;
  3. the Castle San Nicola de Thoro Plano;
  4. the Lemon Trail;
  5. the Sanctuary Maria Santissima Avvocata.

Visiting Maiori: Slow Active Tours' tips

Any excursion to Maiori can only start from Corso Reginna which overlooks the splendid panorama of the seafront. Here, immersed in the beating heart of the life of the fishing village, it is possible to indulge in the smells and flavors that are part of the daily life of the inhabitants.

Our first recommendation is to visit the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare. It, with its suggestive and colourful majolica dome and quadrangular bell tower, is a fine example of religious architecture strongly shaped by the styles that have succeeded one another over the centuries. Originally dedicated to St Michael Archangel, it was later dedicated to the Virgin of the Sea following a miraculous discovery of a wooden statue of the Madonna on the beaches of Maiori.

A trek in Maiori could then continue to the Abbey of Santa Maria de Olearia, an imposing structure that testifies to Maiori's importance not only as a fishing village but also as a place where the numerous monastic conceptions of the Christian world once coexisted. In fact, in the Middle Ages, it was one of the largest and most important ecclesiastical seats of the Duchy, mainly due to the numerous monastic communities in its territory.

During the day in Maiori, we recommend that you leave the coast for a moment to get to the heart of the excursion: the Castle of San Nicola de Thoro Plano stands out from the chain of the Lattari Mountains offering a panoramic view over the whole town and the coast. Its construction dates back to the time when nearby Amalfi was a Maritime Republic and was used as a refuge for the inhabitants of the small village during the raids of the Saracens and Lombards.
The system of sighting towers placed to defend the landings on the sea, such as the Miramare Castle, the Norman Tower and the Torre Lama di Cane, also dates back to the same historical period.

One of the most beautiful paths to follow during a trek in Maiori is the evocative Lemon trail (Sentiero dei limoni), the ancient route connecting Maiori and nearby Minori, so called because it has been one of the most popular and high-quality areas for lemons for many centuries. It is no coincidence that in the period between spring and summer, it is possible to witness the harvesting of lemons with their sweet and delicate scent.

Another beautiful panoramic path leads to the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Avvocata, located at the end of a climb from Maiori up 800 metres to the peaks of Monte Falesia. The route passes through incredible natural views unfolding through vineyards and citrus groves until it reaches a natural water source known as ' Chestnut Water’.
Immersed in the beauty of the Mediterranean scrub, one arrives on a plateau from which the Sanctuary stands out, granting visitors a spectacular view over a large part of the Amalfi Coast in the background of which, not infrequently, it is possible to admire the flight of the peregrine falcon: the right end of a pleasant day dedicated to exploring the beautiful Maiori and its surroundings on foot.

For those who still have time to spare for a change of direction, the island of Capri is just over an hour away from the splendid Maiori and can be reached by hydrofoil: in this article of our blog you can consult and download the track we have designed for an easy and adventurous trek to appreciate the wonders of Capri between Villa Jovis and the Faraglioni rocks.

All you have to do is wear the most comfortable shoes and put your backpack on your shoulder: off you go for an incredible experience!