Hiking along the Amalfi Coast
is one of the most exciting experience that one can do during an Italian holiday.

The road SS163, which flanks this corner of pure beauty of Campania, is a ribbon of hot asphalt with lots of traffic in summertime, but if you move inland, you will discover enchanting alleys and paths overlooking the sea, which were traced over the centuries by local farmers and merchants.

Just wear cosy shoes, put on your backpack, and start discovering ancient hidden paths. Among cultivated lands and the world-wide famous lemon groves, it is still possible to run into goats and mules grazing quietly and to discover, at walking pace and with no hurry, a world that seems to have been preserved outside of time: it is almost a mystic experience.

Sentiero degli Dei

It is no coincidence that the most known and travelled walking route of this area is Sentiero degli Dei (which means “Path of Gods”). This name is due to the stunning and “divine” panorama that the path offers.

The road is constituted by two stretches: the higher one leads from Salerno to Bomerano; the lower one connects Bomerano to Nocelle (a hamlet of Positano). This latter track is the most affordable to everyone, since it is 8 km long and it is of medium difficulty. The higher stretch is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo: from Santa Maria di Castello to Bomerano, that is located 659 metres above sea level, you have to climb up to Capo Muro, that is located at 1079 metres above sea level, and then go down to Bomerano.

Once passed Colle Serra, you can see in the distance the islands Li Galli, Capri and the entire Sorrento peninsula; then, going ahead in the direction of Li Cannati, Nocelle and Montepertuso, you will arrive to the staircase which leads directly to the beach of Positano.

Valle delle Ferriere

This is another of the most loved and suggestive routes in the Amalfi Coast. It is situated between the beautiful Amalfi and Scala: here there is Valle delle Ferriere, which is crossed by the stream Canneto.

Here you seem to be in a canyon, thanks to the particular microclimate, that still preserves very rare plant species. The path is walkable in more than one direction: downhill from Minuta di Scala or from Pontone or uphill from Amalfi.

Not far from Amalfi, you can go through the famous Valle dei Mulini, where you can admire the remains of ancient paper mills. Going uphill, you will enter Valle delle Ferriere, which today is a natural reserve: its name recalls the presence of old ironworks.

Sentiero dei Limoni

Sentiero dei Limoni (which means “Path of the Lemons) is a 9 kilometres long sun-kissed panoramic terrace, which connects Maiori to Minori and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful walkways in Italy.

Here, time seems to flow according to a different rhythm, as it is in slow motion, and you will be surrounded by scents that recall postcards from the past. The ancient road was, earlier, one of the busiest ones of the entire Amalfi Coast, because of the lemon groves.

In the hamlet of Torre, in fact, there is one of the areas with the highest concentration and quality of lemon, the fruit symbol of these places since ancient times. Throughout the year, and particularly in springtime and summertime, you can watch all the phases of the cultivation of lemons, from the harvest to the production of the famous limoncello, and you can also run into the mules carrying up to 60 kilos crates full of lemons.

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