If you are going to visit Sorrento, stay ready to discover a fascinating, polite and elegant city, which offers to the visitors breathtaking panoramas.

It’s among the most famous towns of the Sorrento Coast, which was named after it. It’s characterised by seaside resorts, an enchanting old town and stunning views on the sea. Everywhere you can enjoy the scent of the citrus fruit and of the flowers coming from the many gardens of the area. The atmosphere here is warm, thanks to the sunny weather for almost all year long, and particularly joyful.

Sorrento and its coast

You must absolutely visit Sorrento along its coastline, so you can admire the spectacular panorama of the blue bays; thanks to its colours and fragrances, the Sorrento coast has always been appreciated by artists and writers from all over Europe and this is why they still come here to find their inspiration. The best way to visit this place characterised by its Mediterranean charm is through a tour organised by Slow Active Tours. They will think to study your itinerary in detail. The tour includes the visit of the splendid bays, long walks immersed in the nature, among many lemon trees, which effuse their delicious aroma in the sea atmosphere, a tour to discover the local art with its maiolicas and frescos, a visit to Positano and Ravello and finally the discovery of the beautiful Valle dei Mulini.

Vallone dei Mulini

You haven’t probably seen nothing so suggestive before: Vallone dei Mulini is one of the most photographed attractions with its ruins of an ancient human settlement, located on the rift next to the adjacent town. It also includes a mill for the grinding of grain, still in function until 1900. A sawmill and a public wash house were also inside. When Piazza Tasso was built, Vallone dei Mulini was isolated and this led to an increase of humidity and to the growth of a really wild vegetation.

Chiostro di San Francesco

If you have chosen the trekking tour offered by Slow Active Tours, among the wild nature, you will have the opportunity to regenerate yourself in the suggestive Chiostro di San Francesco, named after the saint protector of the animals. Built in 1300, it witnesses all the influences that the city has been affected by.

On the altar you can admire a painting by Antonio Gamba which portrays the saint receiving the stigmata. Besides there is an ancient Benedictine Monastery of the VII sec., which is still inhabited by friars. You can look at the restoration works made during several eras, the way plants and flowers are placed and maybe you will have the opportunity to do it during one of the expositions they organize here.

Villa Comunale, Cathedral of saints Philipp and Jack, Piazza Tasso

From the Villa Comunale, which is located in the middle of the vegetable garden of the Franciscan friars, you will enjoy the view of the whole Gulf, breathing the sea breeze and being enchanted by the blue of the sea and of the sky and by the colours of the nature in all of its parts. Wear your cosiest shoes and don’t miss the descent towards the sea (if you are extremely lazy, you will have the opportunity to take the lift).

In the old town you must visit the Cathedral of saints Philipp and Jack, built in I century A.D. and reconstructed several times during the eras. Piazza Tasso is animated by the Sorrento nightlife. In the middle of the square you will find the statue of Tasso, after whom the square is named, and from here you can take Corso Italia, the main street for shopping lovers.

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