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Trekking in Cilento: Cammino di San Nilo

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In the heart of the Campania hinterland, on the border with the Basilicata region, lies a natural treasure chest rich in history, tradition and spirituality: the Cilento National Park. An area suspended between land and sea, which with its unmistakable flavours will be the backdrop for this unusual path from Sapri to Palinuro, that follows in the footsteps of Saint Nilo of Rossano.
This will be an excellent opportunity to retrace those ancient paths through which Italian-Greek monks left important historical and artistic evidence.


  • The enchanting Capelli di Venere waterfalls

  • Oasi Wwf Grotte del Bussento: a natural casket

  • The Abbey of Santa Cecilia and its mystical atmosphere

  • A trek up to the beautiful sea of Palinuro

  • Between history and traditions: the Cilento National Park

  • Ancient flavours: Casaletto bread and the queen's white beans




Welcome to Sapri: a crossroads of peoples, cultures and traditions.
Behind you is the Gulf of Policastro, which, with its hills rich in luxuriant nature, generously offers a unique panorama to the inlets that embrace it. In front of you, on the other hand, is the Cammino di San Nilo. Get your boots ready! and set off on a wonderful adventure in the Cilento National Park.


From Oasi di Venere to Morigerati

13km, +242m, -357m

 After a tasty breakfast based on local products, you are ready to start this incredible trekking. A private transfer takes you to the enchanting Capelli di Venere (Venus's Hair) waterfalls, named after a particular type of fern that grows flourishing here: a treasure chest of peace and nature in which the waters of the Rio Bussentino flow.
The first stage is one of the most spectacular on the route. Crossing suggestive views, you pass the ancient village of Casaletto Spartano, where you can savour one of the local specialities such as homemade bread, accompanied by goat cheese and the local ham. In this ancient village, families still breed a particular species of pig that feeds mainly on acorns, as tradition teaches.
Then reach Morigerati, known for the WWF Grotte del Bussento Oasis which houses a spectacular karst phenomenon, as well as some specimens of protected species.
You are finally in the heart of the Cilento Park: here you can breathe the history of this land of which the local artisans and farmers are the guardians.


From Morigerati to Caselle in Pittari

10km, +571m, -346m

The second stage takes you deeper into the millennial history of these places of unspoilt nature.
A gentle descent takes you away from the Grotte del Bussento oasis before going up the evocative and spectacular Monte Pittari: from here you can enjoy a privileged view of the entire valley, with the evocative Hermitage of San Michele as a backdrop to your walk. Set in the rock, the Sanctuary consists of two separate caves located on the rocky wall of the mountain. Today's surprises aren't over yet and the arrival in Caselle in Pittari offers a village with ancient artisan traditions as demonstrated by the affection of the Casellesi for the Palio del Grano, a long-awaited event in which traditional knowledge is proudly reaffirmed within the community.
A special feature of Caselle is the presence of Italy's second largest underground river, which pours together with the river of the same name into the Bussento swallowhole, creating a system of caves and karstic cavities that attracts hundreds of enthusiasts from all over the world every year.


From Caselle in Pittari to Rofrano

17km, +540m, -532m

Today you will almost entirely retrace the route that the ancient pilgrims followed to reach the sacred Marian mountain of Cilento: the Mount Gelbison. This stage is among the longest but at the same time fascinating and suggestive of the entire route.
From the top of the Sacred Mountain, looking across the dense and enchanting vegetation, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the imposing profile of the Stromboli volcano which rises from the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, to then accompany the observer to a 360° panorama from north to south.
Large expanses of wheat fields introduce you to Rofrano, anticipating much of the tradition that reigns in these parts, here in fact where the production of bread is a sacred rite that has remained so over the years. Even today, the local bakeries inebriate the senses with the delicate scent of finely wood-fired homemade bread.


From Rofrano to Montano Antilia

12km, +579m, - 311m

A stage that leads to southern Cilento: here we advise you to savor the slowness of these places and the beauty of the scattered crops that tell of the rural origins of this territory. The chestnut trees around you color and perfume the countryside in autumn.
Arriving in Montano Antilia, you cannot help but notice the queen's white beans drying in the sun. This particular legume, grown according to a strict disciplinary, is characterized by its particular round shape, the white colour and the very thin skin, which makes it very digestible. The origin of the name seems to derive from the fact that this bean once reigned on peasant tables on important occasions, so much so that it was defined as the "meat of the poor", and hence the nickname queen. Enjoying them with pasta, stews or salads are excellent ways for a well-deserved break and to recover energy for the coming days. Overnight in the suggestive Montano Antilia.


From Montano Antilia to San Nazario

15km, +300m, -624m

Today's itinerary ends on the slopes of the ancient place where the Monastery of San Nazario was built, where San Nilo da Rossano was welcomed to receive the sacred rite of tonsure which marks entry into the clerical state.
Completely immersed in the luxuriant Mediterranean maquis, you will cross only two inhabited areas with suggestive traditions and places of worship, ancient testimonies of a still little-known past. Like the Abbey of Santa Cecilia Eremita, part of an ancient grouping of ancient Italian-Greek monasteries. It is said that in this very place, dating back to around 1022, the monks treated those in need through the wild herbs of which they had a profound knowledge.
As well as marking the final part of the fifth stage, this passage represents the most spiritual moment of the journey.


From San Nazario to Palinuro

15km, +317m, -568m

 The final stage of the Cammino di San Nilo offers you a panoramic route with the arrival on Capo Palinuro from which it is possible to admire the whole coast and, ideally, the entire journey that from Sapri has brought you up to here. Today's destination is the village of San Mauro la Bruca, but the entire route ends in Palinuro, following the course of the Lambro river.
With its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Palinuro is awarded the coveted Blue Flag every year. Enjoy a well-deserved rest in the waves of the crystal clear sea that will cradle you and regenerate you from the feat you have just accomplished.
Take a swim in the same waters that welcomed the legendary Aeneas and dive into the varied cuisine typical of the area. An advice? The pizzicotti (pinches) of fig jam will not disappoint you.


Goodbye Palinuro!

After breakfast, end of services.
Palinuro is considered one of the most beautiful and evocative places in Cilento. The enchanting panoramas of Palinuro have in fact enraptured the gaze of travellers from every era, one above all the legendary Aeneas. And this village overlooking the sea is linked to the Greek hero. Legend has it that Palinuro was the name of the helmsman who led Aeneas and his father Anchises out of the city of Troy in the grip of flames, and this episode recounted by Virgil is recalled by the inhabitants of Palinuro every year in August.

Tour programme variations
Due to organizational reasons, weather conditions or provisions issued by local authorities, the itinerary may be subject to some changes before and/or during the holiday.
Along the way you may find temporary deviations (for example road works) which cannot be foreseen; in this case each walker can decide autonomously how to deal with these stretches.

What's included

Our offer includes

  • 7 nights with breakfast in shared double/twin room
  • Private transfer day 2
  • Travel App (maps, tracks, route notes)
  • Detailed route description with maps
  • Pelgrims' Credential
  • Luggage transportation hotel to hotel
  • Phone assistance 08:00-20:00

Not included

  • Transfer IN and Transfer OUT
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entrance fees and tips
  • Hotel tourist taxes
  • Insurance and everything not listed as "Included"

Departures and prices

Mid Season05/09/2023 => 25/10/2023
Standard650 € /p
Low Season26/10/2023 => 16/12/2023
Standard590 € /p
Low Season01/02/2024 => 23/03/2024
Standard640 € /p
Mid Season 24/03/2024 => 21/06/2024
Standard720 € /p
High Season22/06/2024 => 19/07/2024
Standard790 € /p
Peak Season - ON REQUEST20/07/2024 => 01/09/2024
Mid Season02/09/2024 => 26/10/2024
Standard720 € /p
Low Season27/10/2024 => 30/11/2024
Standard640 € /p

Supplements per person

Single room | Low Season
Standard170 € /p
Single room | Mid Season
Standard195 € /p
Single room | High Season
Standard230 € /p
Solo traveller
Standard170 € /p

Other Information

This Trekking tour in Cilento along the Cammino di San Nilo is suitable for anyone with good walking training. The length of a walking day ranges from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 17 km, with sometimes significant gradients. The excursions mostly wind through dirt paths, even in wooded areas, and country roads.
We recommend to wear comfortable walking shoes, better if trekking boots, and to bring with you a hat, drinking water, sun cream and a waterproof jacket in case of rain.
Accomodations & Meals

The tour offers simple accommodation in central B&Bs and 3* hotels.
All rooms are ensuite.

7 breakfasts included. All other meals are not included.

  • 1 night in Sapri
  • 1 night in Morigeratii
  • 1 night in Caselle in Pittari
  • 1 night in Rofrano
  • 1 night in Montano Antilla
  • 1 night in San Nazario
  • 1 night in Palinuro

We will take care of your luggage while you are walking.

For the whole duration of your tour, you can contact our assistance numbers:
+39 0832 182 68 68 - from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00 (call or whatsapp);
+39 351 836 86 86 - every day 08:00 - 20:00 (emergency calls only).

Travel documents

A few days before departure you will receive by email the Service List with instructions for using the Travel App.

At the first hotel reception you will receive:

  • updated Service List;
  • luggage Labels;
  • Pelgrim's Credential.
Arrival and Departure

Getting there

Sapri is easily reachable by train, bus, car and by air..

BY TRAIN. The starting point of the Cammino can be reached by train, with regional connections from Naples and Salerno, and in the summer months with the high-speed service that connects Sapri to Milan in just over 5 hours. Info on timetables and prices on and

BY AIR. The closest airports to Sapri are those of Salerno (link) and Naples (link).

BT CAR. Sapri is crossed by the SS18 Napoli-Reggio Calabria or via the A2 Mediterranean motorway, Padula/Buonabitacolo exit. can help you with the directions.

→ If you are by car you can decide to go directly to Palinuro and leave your car at the free parking of the Hotel La Conchiglia - to be booked - and then reach Sapri by public transport.

Back to Sapri

The arrival of the Cammino has 2 train stations: the Pisciotta-Palinuro railway station (8km from the centre) is connected with the Trenitalia regional trains, and the Centola/Palinuro/Marina di Camerota station (12km from the centre), connected in the summer months with the high-speed service in Milan. From Pisciotta station there is a connection with the center of Palinuro with Autolinee Infante

Private Transfer

→  If you prefer your clients to travel in total comfort, they can book a private transfer on the days of arrival and departure.

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