Since the Lombard domination, Framura has passed from one hegemon to another for many years. In addition, over the years, as happened on the other Tyrrhenian villages, it had to defend itself from the numerous attacks of Islamic populations. This justifies the presence of three watch towers on the coast that are still visible if you visit Framura on foot.

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What to see in Framura

One of the things that makes Framura so special is to be composed by five different small villages. That is why, walking through Framura and its streets, you can visit numerous watchtowers and churches.
Why not decide to spend a carefree day to discover the beauties of this fascinating village in Liguria?
If you want to spend a day in Framura, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Church of Madonna della Neve
  • Madonna della Punta
  • Parish of San Martino
  • Watchtowers
  • Harbour of Framura 

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Framura 

Church of the Madonna della Neve

The Church of the Madonna della neve is located in the village of Anzo. Very beautiful and impressive church, is famous especially for the artistic heritage inside it. In fact, here you can admire several paintings of the 17th-18th century and a wonderful painting of the 16th century belonging to the school of Luca Cambiaso.

Madonna della Punta

The Madonnina of the point is a very particular church that rises on a rocky promontory of the western gulf. The church can be reached by making a short trek to Framura and its groves that will allow you to admire the beautiful landscape that surrounds the city.

Parish of San Martino

The Parish of San Martino was born between the 10th and the 11th century and then was almost completely modified between the 15th and 16th centuries. What arouses much amazement are some works of art of immeasurable value present in its interior. In fact, here you can admire a baptismal font in precious red marble of Levanto and a painting depicting the Madonna and Child painted by Bernardo Strozzi.


The watchtowers, symbol of the Genoese domination, are three and are located in the villages of Setta and Anzo. Here time seems to stop and walking through Framura and its villages gives the idea of walking into a medieval landscape.

Harbour of Framura

Another wonder that is absolutely worth visiting is the Harbour of Framura. It is hidden in an inlet in the rocks and it is protected by Ciamia, the largest rock in Liguria. The result is a breathtaking spectacle. 

What to do in Framura - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the hidden wonders of Framura, the time has come to get to the heart of the sounds and smells of this ancient village.
For this reason we have prepared a list of things to do in Framura that you absolutely cannot miss!
The most striking sight of Framura is given by the numerous beaches that are all around the five villages. In fact, walking through Framura and its paths in the woods, you will get to a crystal clear sea protected by rocks and home of thousands of marine species.

  • Beach of Furnaces

    Among these we point out the Beach of furnaces. A beach made of sand that is located after the bridge that connects Deiva Marina and Fornaci, for this reason, from these places, is within walking distance. What characterizes this beach is the landscape around it. In fact, to reach the beach, you pass through a path surrounded by a shady forest and rich in trees and scents.

  •  Beach of Torsei

    The beach of Torsei is one of the most popular beaches, especially for its easy access. A rocky beach, characterized by the two rocks that you can see coming out right in front of the beach.

  • Arena Beach

    The Arena Beach is the largest beach in Framura. Wide and composed of pebbles, it allows the view of the entire bay and even of the grove behind it and one of the towers. It is possible to reach it on foot through a characteristic path that passes through the forest and allows you to live a magical experience.

  • Walking Cinque Terre

    As already mentioned, trekking in Deiva Marina is one of the main activities, as the Deiva village has proven to be the ideal place from which to start for numerous walks both in the Cinque Terre Park and in the entire wonderful surrounding area of Liguria . From here, in fact, it is possible to follow numerous paths that allow hikers to get lost in the Mediterranean scrub and savor unique landscape views that we at Slow Active Tours offer you to learn about the secrets and most characteristic views immersed in the fantastic Cinque Lands, a World Heritage Site since 1997, and in the Eastern Ligurian Riviera.

Festivals and Popular celebrations in Framura 

Several moments dedicated to folklore are well rooted in this idyllic village. If you intend to visit this wonderful village during the summer months, it is possible to attend the wonderful festivals and patronal celebrations that every year involve the enthusiasm of tourists from all over the world. The liveliest time of year is certainly summer, when the village is repopulated. On the first Sunday of August the Feast of the Madonna della Neve is celebrated with the highly anticipated fireworks display at the Tourist Port.
Much awaited is the Feast of San Lorenzo which takes place on August 10th in the hamlet of Castagnola, when the alleys of the village are embellished with food stands offering typical local dishes.
In the hamlet of Setta, however, the Feast of San Rocco is celebrated on 16 August with tastings of typical dishes and the inevitable musical show.
Finally, on the last Sunday of August, the Tourist Festival is celebrated with a food and wine tour along the hamlets of Costa, Setta, Ravecca and Anzo.

Typical dishes of Framura

Framura's cuisine is characterized by authentic and decisive flavours. The typical dishes are characterized by the excellent quality of the products, finely enhanced with recipes that have now become classics of regional gastronomy. Framura bread, for example, is prepared in an ancient oven together with some typical sweets. Walking through Framura and its streets it is not uncommon to smell the delicate scent coming from the windows of the houses overlooking the characteristic alleys of the place. Among the typical dishes, we remember tagliolini with mussels, breaded rabbit, pancakes with courgette flowers and vegetable or anchovy meatloaf.

Eating and Drinking in Framura

Here are some suggestions from the area:

L’agave Framura in Via Chiama, 1. On a beautiful terrace, while admiring the sunset over the sea, you can enjoy the delicious fish dishes and the excellent local wine. You will also have the opportunity to try a 7-course tasting to not miss anything. 
Ristorante Agriturismo La Foce del Prato Located in a small farmhouse, in a unique atmosphere, you can taste the best traditional dishes of Liguria, admiring a breathtaking view. Close your eyes and taste every delight this wonderful land can offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!