Walking through Deiva Marina you will realize that its peculiarity is the division into two diametrically opposite areas. In fact, in this magical village you can meet the historic center, ancient and rich in "carrugi", and the part of "La Marina", more touristy and full of shops and restaurants.

The territory of Deiva Marina was part of the Longobard domination since the 7th century. They were the ones who favored the tradition of monasticism, which is why, even today, walking through Deiva Marina you can see many abbeys and monasteries.
During the Second World War it suffered serious attacks and bombings that razed to the ground, in addition to the inhabited and civilian area, also bridges and railway lines. Now, in fact, there is only one bridge of which you can simply see the remains.

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What to see in Deiva Marina

Walking around Deiva Marina you will realize that the main historical attractions are surely found in the old part of the village.

Why not decide to spend a carefree day to discover the beauties of this fascinating village in Sicily?
If you want to spend a day in Agrigento, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Church of Sant'Antonio Abate
  • Castle Da Passano
  • Two ancient Watchtowers 

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Deiva Marina!

Church of Sant'Antonio Abate

Built around the 18th century, stands out above all for the baroque style that characterizes its ancient paintings and decorations and for the majestic organ that is located above the main entrance.

Castle Da Passano

Also in this area you can see the Castle Da Passano, old residence of the ancient ruling family. Built around the 11th century and characterized by a square plan, the castle was once used as a point of sight for enemies.

Two ancient Watchtowers

Built around the 14th century, they were once used as protection against pirates. The first tower, cylindrical in shape, is located near the sea and now is almost completely covered with Ivy. The second one, with a square base, is located in the historic center, near the church of Sant'Antonio Abate.

What to do in Deiva Marina - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the wonders hidden among the streets of Deiva Marina, the time has come to get to the heart of the sounds and smells of this ancient village.

  • Walking along the promenade

    Among the first things to do, we recommend a walk on the picturesque promenade of the Marina di Deiva. Here you can stop at one of the many bars and sip a cool drink overlooking the sea.

  • Great Diving

    Among the most frequent activities on the beaches there is diving. In fact, here the water is particularly clear and rich in marine fauna. If you are experienced divers, we suggest you to go deep into the bay of Deiva, about 500 m from the coast you can find the wreck of the tugboat Vittoria. Built in the thirties and sunk during the Second World War, the wreck lies on the bottom of Deiva about 30 m from the surface.

  • Walking Cinque Terre

    As already mentioned, the trekking to Deiva Marina turns out to be one of the main activities. This because the village turned out to be the ideal place from which to start numerous walks in the park of the Cinque Terre, as in all the wonderful surrounding area of Liguria. From here, in fact, you can walk many paths that will allow you to get lost in the Mediterranean scrub and to enjoy views of the unique landscape.

Festivals and Popular celebrations in Deiva Marina

Several moments dedicated to folklore are well rooted in this idyllic village. If you pass by Devia Marina in June, you absolutely cannot miss the celebrations in honor of St. John the Baptist. It starts on June 23rd with the traditional bonfire in the riverbed at 10.15pm as is the custom of a Celtic-derived tradition. It then continues, on the day of the celebration, with the mass and the procession through the streets of the village. It then ends with the usual San Giovanni Fair with stalls selling various types of items and DIY.
has become a highly anticipated event then The Romantic Night of the Villages An event organized by the association "The most beautiful villages in Italy" which intends to celebrate universal love in all its expressions, aimed at enthusiasts and lovers who will thus be able to visit the little and graceful historic center of the Municipality in a cozy atmosphere admiring its historical, artistic and cultural heritage along a path made up of a carpet of a myriad of small red hearts and white balloons.

Typical dishes of Deiva Marina

The typical dishes of Deiva Marina are almost totally similar to the Ligurian tradition. Among these we can find the Aggiadda, a poor dressing based on breadcrumbs, vinegar and garlic, the artichokes mixed with beaten egg, and the Cuculli, a particular fried batter together with aromatic herbs.

Eating and Drinking in Deiva Marina

Here are some suggestions from the area:

Trattoria Le Acciughe Fanno Il Pallone in Corso Italia, 8. A nice tavern that you must absolutely try if you are in the area. Great location and really inviting location where you can find tasty Ligurian dishes, good wine and adequate prices. Particularly stands out  their homemade pesto.
The Ostaia in Via Mancini, 37. The attention to detail and the highest quality food make Ostaia one of the perfect places to taste typical Ligurian dishes, but also pizzas and meat dishes. You will not regret it!
Sapori di Casa in Via Giosuè Carducci, 9. The abundant and rich quality courses together with the friendly staff make the small and private location a wonderful surprise. Average price and fresh fish invite every customer to come back a second time.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!