Walking through Bonassola you can admire the numerous beauties that characterize this small village enhanced by the magical encounter between the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the shades of the crystalline sea.

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What to see in Bonassola

Among the pastel facades of the characteristic houses, there are many wonders hidden in the alleys of the historic center. If you want to spend a day in Bonassola, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Church of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria
  • Palazzo Paganetto
  • Palazzo Vinzoni
  • Castle of Bonassola

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Bonassola!

Church of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria

Built in the first half of the 16th century, it was almost totally transformed, especially during the Baroque era, which is why you can admire many frescoes from this era. In addition, you can admire many works of art created by famous artists such as Pietro Costa, Antonio Discovolo and Giovanni Battista Carlone.

Palazzi Paganetto

built in the 18th century, it's considered one of the most characteristic buildings of Bonassola. What makes it so special are the pictorial decorations on the facades and the finely frescoed vaults.

Palazzo Vinzoni

built in the 16th century, it is considered the birthplace of Matteo Vinzoni, an ancient cartographer of the Republic of Genoa. The palace is particularly attractive, especially because above the portal you can see a statue of the Madonna reading a book.

Castle of Bonassola

Another important building that you can see walking trow Bonassola is the old Castle of Bonassola. Built in 1500 to protect citizens from pirate attacks, it was then transformed into a cemetery during the 19th century once lost its defensive purpose. Today it is possible to see only the clock tower, which has remained entirely preserved.

What to do in Bonassola - the Slow Active Tours proposal

If you want to visit this spectacular village we have prepared a list with the best things to do in Bonassola that you absolutely cannot miss!

  • Madonnina della Punta

    About a quarter of an hour from the town center there is a fairytale place where you can free your mind and abandon yourself to the enchanting colors of the sea. it is the Sanctuary of the Madonnina della Punta, built towards the end of the 17th century by the Poggi family. Only later was the portico added which makes it so evocative.
    We advise you to reach the promontory at sunset, when it is possible to admire the colors of the sea that reflect the soft shades of the sunset.

  •  Salto della Lepre 

    From the Sanctuary of the Madonnina it is possible to reach, via a staircase, a panoramic point immersed in the colors of nature. The curious name derives from a legend according to which a hare preferred to throw itself into the void rather than be captured by a hunter who was chasing it.
    The enchanting and casual beauty of this place contrasts slightly with the cannon emplacements still visible in the rock. But it is a feeling of loss that lasts a few seconds, the time to let your gaze go to a jump that ends in the turquoise waters of the Ligurian coast.

  • Walking between sea and history

    The long beaches of Bonassola are quiet and clean, ideal for a regenerating walk or for a stop by the sea while visiting the village.
    To the east there are rocks, for those who want to savor the most intense scent of the sea, to the west however, the pebbles of the most varied colors are scattered all over the shoreline: treat yourself to a walk barefoot to let the pebbles smoothed by the sand caress your skin. 'proceeding of the sea.

  • Walking Cinque Terre

    In the shadow of the characteristic and picturesque houses of Bonassola, an incredible journey on foot begins that we at Slow Active Tours propose to you to discover the secrets and most characteristic views through an enchanting trekking route in the Cinque Terre, a World Heritage Site since 1997, and in the Ligurian Riviera di Levante. 

Festivals and popular celebration in Bonassola

Several moments dedicated to folklore are well rooted in this idyllic village. We suggest you not to miss the feast of Saint Catherine, celebrated on 25 November. On this occasion will be exposed the wonders brought to Bonassola by sailors over the years and which are now owned by the Church.

Typical dishes of Bonassola

Bonassola offers the typical products of the Ligurian tradition, but in particular it should be remembered for the cheeses and pasteurized milk, rich in taste and quality. Here, moreover, you can find a variety of very valuable oil: the Oil Riviera di Levante DOP, created thanks to the olive trees that you can admire doing trekking to bonassola and its hinterland.

Eating and Drinking in Bonassola

Here are some suggestions from the area:
Degli Aranci in Via Gino Daneri 53. Authentic cuisine and hearty dishes are the calling card of this delicious place. All accompanied by an excellent house wine and friendly staff to cheer every meal. Recommended to whoever wants to eat a great mixed fried, you will not regret.
Ristorante Antica Guetta in Via Marconi, 1. With a wide selection of wines and fresh fish, the Restaurant Antica Guetta steals the heart of all its guests. Its strength is certainly the freshness of the raw materials and the quality with which they are handled and cooked.
Ristorante Perballe in Piazza S. Francesco, 5. The delicate and confidential restaurant is the backdrop of an excellent fish cuisine. The strength of the restaurant is definitely the raw fish accompanied by strong and innovative flavors. Try also the delicious desserts they offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!