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Naples, Vesuvius and the Amalfi coastal trails

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Easy - Moderate
Self guided · WalkingDuration: 8 daysCode: ws023
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Walking through Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi foothpaths, crossing the Path of the Gods, observing the Gulf of Naples from the top of Mount Vesuvius: it’s an experience that can not be defined only a holiday in southern Italy.
It is a journey that involves the senses and touches the soul.


  • The treasures of Naples, a city teeming with life

  • The incredible view of the Gulf of Naples from the top of Vesuvius

  • The charm of Amalfi and the blue horizon that surrounds it

  • The path of the Gods, a Heaven on Earth

  • Ravello, the splendor of a distant era

  • Walking the Amalfi Coast



Naples, sensational city

Welcome to the tour of Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths.
Already on the way from the airport to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the "chaos of the city".
Don't be frightened, what may seem disorder to your eyes is the sign of a city teeming with life. Naples is history, architecture, art but you can not separate all this from its inhabitants, which make this city even more fascinating.
Overnight in Naples.


Walk Ercolano and the paths in the Vesuvius Park

Your walking holiday starts from Naples with a path rich in nature and history.
You will leave and return using the Circumvesuviana, a ring of railway network around Vesuvius. You will get off at Ercolano to take the bus to the Great Cone. Along the route that will take you to visit Mount Vesuvius, you can admire the splendid panorama of the north side of Mount Somma with the Cognoli of Sant'Anastasia and the Punta Nasone, the summit of the ancient volcano high at 1132 meters high, in front of the Cognoli of Ottaviano and Levante. Along the paths of the Vesuvius Park, while looking up you can scan the uphill path to the lower edge of the volcano.
After the trekking in the Vesuvius National Park, return by bus to Ercolano to visit the ancient ruins.


Visit Pompei and Amalfi

After saying goodbye to the streets and alleys of Naples, take the Circumvesuviana to Pompeii.
This fascinating place shows a city destroyed, but at the same time preserved, by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., and walking through the paths of the time, it seems to relive a distant era. The city is also a much visited place of worship and has one of the most important points of interest for the faithful in its sanctuary.
In the afternoon transfer to Amalfi. Amalfi was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, walking through its alleys you will understand why.
Overnight in Amalfi.


Trek on the Lemon Trail

7km, 3h, +380m -380m

Get ready to walk one of the most fascinating places in the Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths: the Lemon Trail.
It is a scenic route on the headland between the cities of Minori and Maiori.
After breakfast you will reach the village of Maiori with a short bus transfer.
Walking along the Lemon Trail you can admire the vastness of the cultivated terraces, like brushstrokes of greenery lapping the blue of the sea. The scent of lemons will inebriate your nostrils. In fact, on these lands the lemons of the coast are cultivated with special techniques, known as "sfusato amalfitano".
Passing Minori, you go up in altitude towards the small village of Torello, until you reach the Church of San Michele Arcangelo with its unique panorama of the sea. Finally, descend towards Atrani to return to Amalfi.
Overnight in Amalfi.


Trails in the Valle delle Ferriere and dei Mulini

7km, 3h, +200m -530m

Among the Amalfi Coast trails, the path from Ravello to Amalfi, all downhill, is a contemplative journey.
After breakfast you will reach the town of Ravello by public bus: UNESCO site, located 365 metres above sea level, offers ecstatic landscapes and the architectural beauty of its villas. The walking route from Ravello to Pontone includes a nature trail to which is added the artistic value of the buildings built in the era of the Duchy of Amalfi.
Walk through the terraces up to the medieval village of Pontone. The last stretch continues through the Valley of Ferriere and Mills where the ruins of old factories where paper was produced are scattered.
Water will be the characterizing element of the route: the water flows have provided the necessary energy to the paper mills.
Overnight in Amalfi.


Foothpath on the Via Maestra dei Villaggi

5km, 3h, +660m -40m

Walking the Amalfi Coast today, you walk along one of the oldest paths, the Via Maestra dei Villaggi, which connects the villages Pastena, Lone, Vettica and Tovere di Amalfi to Agerola.
An itinerary characterized by a path in the Mediterranean bush, between the cultivated terraces and the houses clinging to the rock. Holm oaks, carob trees, strawberries and olive trees border the streets that, in turn, line the limestone walls.
Enjoy nature on the Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths.
Overnight in Agerola.


Walk the Path of Gods

14km, 5h, +330m -940m

The Path of the Gods among the Amalfi coastal trails connects the hamlet of Bomerano di Agerola to that of Nocelle di Positano.
The walk winds along a path overlooking the sea, the view is one of the flagships of the Amalfi Coast. In the 8 kilometer route you will meet the Cave of Biscuits (Grotta del Biscotto), so named for the friability of its rock and you can admire the remains of the rocky architecture typical of this area.
Nature, sun and sea for 4 hours by walking the Amalfi Coast, in which you will not tire of being dazzled by the beauty of these places. The last descent will take you to the most elegant and well-known center of the Amalfi coast: Positano.
Return to Agerola by public transport for the last overnight.


Last walk through the streets of Agerola: what to see

Last day among Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths.
After breakfast, end of services. For the return by public transport to Naples, consult the SITAsud website.
Agerola preserves a rich architectural and landscape heritage: Castle Lauritano is a limestone stronghold surrounded by greenery.
Walking through Agerola you can also visit: the Church of Santa Maria la Manna, the Church of San Matteo the Apostle, the Church of San Martino and the Shrine of Maria SS. del Rosario.
Finally, you could spend part of your time at the Ethno-anthropological Museum, which houses The Croce Processionale, a medieval two-sided cross, dating back to the 15th century.


Tour programme variations
Due to organizational reasons, weather conditions or provisions issued by local authorities, the itinerary may be subject to some changes before and/or during the holiday.
Along the way you may find temporary deviations (for example road works) which cannot be foreseen; in this case each walker can decide autonomously how to deal with these stretches.

What's included

Our offer includes

  • 7 nights with breakfast
  • Private transfer day 3
  • Luggage transportation hotel to hotel day 3 & 6
  • Route directions with maps
  • Phone assistance 08:00-21:00

Not included

  • Guided trekking to the crater of Vesuvius (about € 10,00)
  • Transfer IN and Transfer OUT
  • Meals and drinks
  • Entrance fees and tips
  • Local public transport (about € 30,00)
  • Hotel tourist taxes (about € 20,00)
  • Insurance and everything not listed as “Included”

Departures and prices

High Season18/12/2020 => 04/01/2021
Standard880 € /p
Low Season05/01/2021 => 26/03/2021
Standard690 € /p
High Season27/03/2021 => 05/04/2021
Standard880 € /p
Mid Season06/04/2021 => 24/06/2021
Standard770 € /p
High Season25/06/2021 => 25/07/2021
Standard880 € /p
Peak Season26/07/2021 => 31/08/2021
Standard950 € /p
Mid Season01/09/2021 => 25/10/2021
Standard770 € /p
Low Season26/10/2021 => 17/12/2021
Standard690 € /p
Peak Season18/12/2021 => 04/01/2022
Standard950 € /p

Supplements per person

Transfer Naples Apt-Naples Hotel (min 2 pax)
Standard50 € /p
Transfer Agerola-Naples Apt (min 2 pax)
Standard80 € /p
Single room | Low Season
Standard290 € /p
Single room | Mid Season
Standard360 € /p
Single room | High Season
Standard400 € /p
Single room | Peak Season
Standard450 € /p
Extra night in double room | Low Season
Standard70 € /p
Extra night in double room | Mid Season
Standard80 € /p
Extra night in double room | High Season
Standard90 € /p
Extra night in double room | Peak Season
Standard95 € /p
Extra night in single room | Low Season
Standard99 € /p
Extra night in single room | Mid Season
Standard120 € /p
Extra night in single room | High Season
Standard138 € /p
Extra night in single room | Peak Season
Standard148 € /p
Solo traveller
Standard165 € /p

Other Information


The Walking tour from Naples winds mainly through dirt paths and country lanes; rarely, and only when strictly necessary, on busy roads. 
The morphological conformation of the Amalfi coast provides considerable differences in level to be tackled daily, so the tour is suitable for anyone with good walking training. The length of a walking day ranges from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 14 km, with travel times between 2 and 4 hours.
We recommend to wear comfortable walking shoes, better if trekking boots, and to bring with you a hat, drinking water, sun cream, swimsuit and a waterproof jacket in case of rain.
The itinerary is designed to offer a combination of nature and culture, while providing a good level of comfort. The short public and private transfers included in the program are an important part of the journey, as they contribute to a perfect balance between slowness and comfort; operated by the SITA SUD lines they enrich the journey making it more authentic by living contact with the locals.

Accomodations & Meals

The tour offers accommodation in pretty B&B and selected 3* hotels.
All rooms are ensuite.

  • 2 nights in Naples
  • 3 nights in Amalfi
  • 2 nights in Agerola

7 breakfasts. All other meals are not included.


We will take care of your luggage while you are walking.
In case of need you can call our emergency number ON from 08:00 to 21:00. Anytime, our staff will be available to make your holiday quiet and serene.

Travel documents

A few days before departure you will receive the Service List.

At the first hotel reception you will receive:

  • updated Service List;
  • luggage Labels;
  • detailed Route directions with maps.
Arrival and Departure

Getting there

BY TRAIN. Naples has 3 main railway stations, all accessible by trains from the main Italian cities.
The Central Station of Piazza Garibaldi is certainly the most important and recommended for reaching the city center. From the central station the Circumvesuviana, the line to Salerno and the subways 1 and 2 wind.

BY AIR. The international airport of Naples - Capodichino is well connected with direct flights to the main Italian cities.
The airport is only 5km from central Naples and is well connected with the Alibus bus service; travel time of 20/35 minutes. The cost of the single route is € 5.00 and the ticket can be purchased on board. More information at the following link.

BY BUS. Naples is connected to the major Italian cities through a capillary network of national buses, offered by the major bus transport companies: Buscenter, Sassi Autolinees, Flixbus, Marinobus. The coaches all arrive at the convenient Terminal Bus of Napoli Centrale - Metropark, which is located near Piazza Garibaldi.

BY CAR. Coming from the north, the main reference highway is definitely the A1, which connects Naples to Milan, with passage to Rome, Florence, Bologna, Modena and Parma.
The main garage in Naples is the central garage about 200m from the central station. The cost of parking varies according to the type of car: from € 15.00 to € 25.00 per day.

Back to Naples

From Agerola, the last leg of your journey, you can return to Naples using the SITA SUD bus service.
The cost of the ticket is around € 7; travel time about 180 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at some bars and tobacconists in Agerola.

Private Transfer

If you prefer to travel in total comfort, you can book a private transfer on the days of arrival and departure.

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Travel tips

Walking through Naples

The Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths tour is full of surprises.
Be amazed by the beauty of Naples, just raise your eyes to marvel at the details of a historic building, the entrance of a church or more simply the glimpse of an alley.
We advise you to spend a few hours without an exact program, a tracked path, follow your instincts and marvel.

Naples: a taste break

 To savor the taste of the city in the central Via dei Tribunali you will find the famous pizzerias: Sorbillo and Dal Presidente. You can also opt for excellent street food, including pasta omelettes and potato croquettes or choose to spend the evening with an aperitif in Piazza Bellini.
Enjoy Naples street food and get ready for walking the Amalfi Coast.

Monastery of Santa Chiara

Passing through Spaccanapoli, a characteristic street of the old town that divides the north from the south of the city, you can get to the Monastery and Convent of Santa Chiara.
The peculiarity of the Monastery and the Convent of Santa Chiara is in the exceptionality of the cloister guarded inside and covered with over thirty thousand hand-painted tiles.
Painting ceramic is typical crafts here: note the details walking the trails on the Amalfi Coast.

Museum Chapel Sansevero

The Sansevero Chapel houses the sculpture of the Cristo Velato (Veiled Christ), whose beauty has inspired anecdotes and legends. You will not be able to take your eyes off the folds of marble and to be able to do such perfection.
The chapel is dedicated to the Prince of Sansevero, a well-known alchemist and scholar. In the basement of the chapel are kept human machines consisting of two skeletons with the crystallized circulatory system.
You will come across fascinating religious buildings and suggestive ruins along Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths.

San Gregorio Armeno

It is one of the symbols of Naples, Via San Gregorio Armenio or Via dei Presepi, it is a street entirely populated by the workshops of the artisans of the cribs. The figurines are handmade and express the creativity of the Neapolitan people, in addition to the classic characters of the Nativity scene, are in fact depicted political figures, footballers and other figures of POP culture.
Passing through Piazza Trento and Trieste you can admire the Umberto I Gallery, the Teatro San Carlo and follow Plebiscito Square and the Royal Palace.
The beauty of the cities on the Naples, Vesuvius and the Amalfi coastal trails will remain in your heart.

The Fontanelle cemetery - Rione Sanità

Entering the Rione Sanità you will have the opportunity to visit something unique in the world. The Fontanelle Cemetery has an area of 3000 square meters and it is an ex-ossuary with the remains of an unknown number of people.
Here the rite of the "anime pezzentelle" (tramp souls)  took place, that is, the adoption and care by the Neapolitans of one of the skulls abandoned in the ossuary, called precisely capuzzella, in exchange for protection. In this place you will touch the magic and folkloristic side of Naples.
Walking through Amalfi you can breathe all the power of the Mediterranean. Once you arrive in the main square, the imposingness of the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea will leave no other space for your gaze.
Also visit the Cloister of Paradise and in the Basilica of the Crucifix.

Rione Vagliendola

To admire the glories of the past, walk through the Rione Vagliendola of Amalfi, here you can admire the historic buildings and the residences of the aristocrats.
Piazza dello Spirito Santo is home to the Paper Museum, testimony of the ancient Amalfi paper tradition. Of architectural value also the Monastery of SS. Trinità and the church of Sant'Antonio.
Scattered ruins of old paper factories are also in Day 5 of this tour among Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths.

Atrani: walk in the smallest village in Italy

Following the Amalfi coast trails, between the sea and the coastal rock there is the small village of Atrani, which extends for only 0.9 square kilometers.
Atrani is crossed by the Dragone river and the inhabited center is a ball of alleys, arches and stairways. In the evening, dozens of luminous dots stand out on the horizon, they are the lamps that leave for sunset from the small beach for fishing.

Piazza Umberto I

On the Day 4 of this Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi footpaths tour, you will cross Atrani.
The square of Atrani is the heart of the city, animated by bars and restaurants, a few steps from the sea.

San Salvatore de' Birecto

It is the church that dominates the square of Atrani with its bronze door from 1087.
The Collegiate Church of S. Maria Maddalena offers a splendid view of the Gulf of Salerno because it is located on the promontory overlooking the village. You walk up there, the light will do the rest.