Below you can find all the specialities that you cannot miss during your Apulian vacation, to discover an authentic heaven in cooking!

The most famous Apulian specialities

Among the most identifying specialities of Apulian cuisine, there are pittule, a sort of batter made by water, flour and yeast, fried in oil and seasoned as preferred.

In Puglia you must absolutely taste fresh handmade pasta: orecchiette, minchiareddhi and cavatelli are still prepared according to the ancient tradition. You can taste them with fresh tomato sauce and ricotta, or with the typical meat balls, legumes, vegetables or fish. A famous dish from the area of Bari is orecchiette seasoned with turnips top.

Known as a poor dish, but loved both by local people and tourists, ciceri e tria is a first course made by fried pasta mixed with regularly boiled pasta and seasoned with chickpeas.

Apulian wines are very fine too: the most famous ones are Primitivo di Manduria, Negroamaro, Aleatico di Puglia DOC and Malvasia.

To satisfy even the most demanding palates, there are also many sweet proposals, such as pasticciotto leccese, pasta reale and mandorla riccia from Francavilla Fontana.

In Puglia you can taste many products: travelling from one to another area of the region, you will discover more and more new flavours. You could get lost among the many local specialities, such as the cold cuts from Valle d’Itria, the seafood from Polignano a Mare and Gallipoli, the frise, which are seasoned with fresh tomato and olive oil from Salento.

Tasting Puglia

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