Some people says his sandwich is the best in Italy, so much that, there are rumors, Milan Expo 2015 wanted it. But there is only one Marino, and he doesn’t have the gift of the ubiquity, so, our fortune, he stays in Noci, to satisfy our senses: especially the taste, but not only!!!
Marino knows how to flavor your sandwich not only with refined ingredients, sometimes simple, sometimes elaborated, but always very very good.
Marino can do something else. He knows how to prepare our palate tantalising the sight, with his typical place, full of good and colored things; he knows how to attract the attention, telling us anecdotes, cultural and food stories, so that waiting for your turn and queuing up becomes an experience.

Marino is unique, unrepeatable, and Noci should erect a statue for him, because he is at the same time artist of the past and trader of the future, and these are dowries rare to find in the same person. Besides, he stands out for his unique passion for his work, the same that makes him move with loveliness behind the counter, despite the tight spaces and his not gracil physical build.

For these reasons it is hard to follow him, for that reason Marino still has not disciples at his height and who knows if someone will succeed.

So let's hold onto Marino and his divine sandwich! Here is the Alberobello and the Land of Trulli tour that involves the transition from Noci.