Walking through Manarola you will immediately realize its particularity. In fact, the village rises around a stream (now covered) from which all the alleys branch off to reach the typical high and colorful Ligurian houses that attract thousands of tourists every year. And what better way to visit a place like Manarola than on foot? You will find a lot of interesting information to create your holiday in this wonderful village.

The village of Manarola has a very ancient history, in fact, according to some historians, was born as a result of the migrations of two different populations towards the sea: the one coming from the Val di Vara and the one coming from the Roman settlement of Volastra. The name of Manarola, in fact, is thought to derive from the Latin Manium arula, which means "small temple dedicated to Mani".

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What to see in Manarola

Walking through Manarola you can admire numerous buildings and roads that make this place unique.
Why not decide to spend a carefree day to discover the beauties of this fascinating village in Sicily?
If you want to spend a day in Agrigento, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Church of San Lorenzo
  • Castle of the Village
  • Punta Bonfiglio

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Manarola!

Church of San Lorenzo

At the base of the inhabited mountain is the main square of the village. Here you can admire the beautiful Church of San Lorenzo. Presumably built in 1338, the church has many features of the Genoese Gothic style. Among these, the most representative are the portal with a Gothic arch and the bas-relief depicting the Martyrdom of Saint Lorenzo. In contrast to the exterior, the interior consists of three naves decorated in Baroque style. Also here you can admire many works of art including the triptych that depicts San Lorenzo between the saints Antonio Abbot and Bernardino da Siena and the polyptych that represents the Madonna and Child between the saints Lorenzo and Catherine of Alexandria and two other saints.

Castle of the Village

Walking through Manarola and its center, it will be very easy to come across the Castle of the village. Born as a defensive bulwark against the incursion of Turkish or Saracen enemies, today it is a simple private house.

Punta Bonfiglio

If you want to do some trekking to Manarola, it will be easy to reach Punta Bonfiglio. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the gulf and the historical facade of the cemetery.

What to do in Manarola - the Slow Active Tours proposal

Once you have discovered the wonders hidden among the streets of Manarola, the time has come to get to the heart of the sounds and smells of this ancient village. 

  • Walking in the Village

    Surely one of the recommended activities in Manarola is to get lost in its village and walk through its narrow streets to admire all the shops and squares guarded among the tall colored buildings.

  • Visit to the Belvedere

    Panoramic site overlooking the small village of Manarola. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of a natural and spectacular environment. Via Belvedere begins from Piazza Eugenio Montale and ends with a real surprise: a view over the entire Bay of Manarola to admire a blue horizon where the sky seems to merge with the Ligurian Sea.

  • Visit to the Manarola Nativity scene

    Did you know that Manarola is home to one of the largest nativity scenes in the world? During the Christmas period, since 1961, an evocative nativity scene made of lights from recycled materials has been created on the hill adjacent to the village.

  • Walk through the vineyards of Manarola

    Don't miss the extraordinary sensation of walking among the incredible vineyards that grow on the terraces of the Manarola cliff. In fact, it is from these vines that farmers have been producing the famous sciacchetrà for centuries, a sweet wine typical of the region.

  • Cinque Terre walking holiday

    Slow Active Tours offers an incredible walking holiday to discover the fascinating strip of land between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the mountains of north-western Italy. In fact, the itinerary that connects Sestri Levante to the most beautiful Ligurian towns passes through Manarola.

Festivals and Popular celebrations in Manarola

If you want to immerse yourself totally in the atmosphere of this wonderful and particular village, the best thing to do is to participate in the parties and events that take place here every year.
On the occasion of the feast of San Lorenzo, every August 10 the sedan with the statue of the saint is carried on a boat to the marina, and taken from here to the main church, creating a procession of faithful very impressive.
During the Christmas period, since 1961, on the hill adjacent to the village, it is created a suggestive nativity scene made of lights. Their peculiarity, in addition to the wonderful effect they create, is to be all lights from recycled or scrapped materials.

Typical dishes of Manarola

Walking through Manarola you can meet many gardens, which is why the typical dishes of the area are mainly based on vegetables. Among these we remember the flowers of stuffed and fried zucchini, the cakes of "herbs" and the farinata, a typical focaccia of chickpeas.

Eating and Drinking in Manarola

Here are some suggestions from the area:

Trattoria Dal Billy in Via Aldo Rollandi, 122. Renowned restaurant of the village, it offers quality dishes and an excellent reception by the staff in a well-kept location. Here you will find fresh fish, excellent appetizers and very abundant first courses. It is advisable to book.
Cappun Magru Nessun Dorma Cinque Terre in Località Punta Bonfiglio. The unparalleled view of the Marina of Manarola is the strength of this wonderful place, but you should not underestimate the excellent dishes and exquisite cutting boards served by friendly waiters.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!