Why should you choose two wheels trips?

A bike trip allows you to resume your time, to free your mind, to reactivate your senses. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to go through new itineraries, which are unknown by mass tourism.

By bike you can travel alone or with a group, choosing the best rhythm based on your needs. You will have enough time to reflect and enjoy stunning landscapes and also the opportunity to test yourself through alternative itineraries.

There are places, in the south of Italy, where it’s easier to look for your own interior dimension: they are places, where the suggestive and rich nature embraces a millenary history and proud ancestral traditions. They are places, which are characterised by a mix of colours and scents and where it’s possible to taste delightful dishes. This land is fertile and rich of fruits: here, in addition to the most modern technologies, traditional farming techniques are still alive.

Discovering Puglia region

Puglia region is a beautiful land, which is kissed by a warm sun and proud of their own history and natural beauties. The inhabitants of Puglia offer the visitors a true and kind hospitality.

To discover it and to fully enjoy the wonders offered by such a multifaceted land you must don’t hurry.

You should enjoy the rhythm of the discovered places and take time to talk with the people you meet.

A trip through the “Heel of Italy”, pedalling with no hurry, is an alternative and stimulating way of traveling, which allows you to find out suggestive hidden places.

The best choice is to rely on travel experts, who organize custom-tailored tours. Slow Active Tours offers complete itineraries, which includes stops in the most beautiful places of Puglia region, in Bari, in Salento, in Valle d’Itria, in the Murge. Overnight accommodation and other services (depending on the tour you choose) are provided.

You are really spoilt for choice: look at the many proposals to discover Puglia region by bike directly on the website of Slow Active Tours!