The world observed with the lively and naive eyes of children reveals to a curious adult its most magic and surprising aspect! 

So, travelling with your children will allow you to discover those marvels you probably will not notice by yourself.
Moreover, a family trip will be for the kids the occasion to break the routine and feel themselves the protagonists of an unforgettable adventure!

Choose accurately your father and son holidays destinations, but, overall, do not underestimate the type of experience you want to live, so that it can give you the pleasure to stay together and to support one another and to enhance your relationship.

Ecotourism with children: rediscovering together the beauty of nature

You can choose a holiday in close contact with nature, to better involve your children into a really interesting experience. Walking with children or pedalling together, discovering enchanting outdoor landscapes or the ancient traditions of a land rich in history, will make you accomplices of a unique and exclusive event, because you will choose how to live it better.

Children, curious and lively by nature, will not have reasons to get bored during an active holiday: they will have fun doing the numerous activities proposed, or that could happen during the tour, and, for the delight of the parents, they will also learn many things.

Only in this way, children and young boys and girls can understand the importance of a first-hand approach to the surrounding world and not through the displays of computers, tablets and smartphones. Out of the four walls of home, school, gyms, they will feel freer to move and explore around, happy to be with the people they love the most.

The advantages of a father and son holiday

It is important that the parents take some moments to be on their children’s side and to live growth experiences together. You both will get advantages: a beautiful vacation face to face with your son will offer you the opportunity to live him in an unusual context, to listen to him and be listened, to rely on one another. You will never be too old to learn and your children can be good masters: they will help you to find out the authenticity of the surprise, the wonder of the beauties offered by nature and the ability to loosen up discovering yourself and the others!

Slow Active Tours offers numerous proposals of active trips in the welcoming atmosphere of the South of Italy, an ideal territory for trekking and cycling tours. You can customize your experience, so that it can better meet the needs of the children. Moreover, we will offer you support and the adequate means for your family tour.

South of Italy: the activities you cannot miss with your children

The South of Italy is a wide and various territory, which offers many cues for an active vacation in complete freedom. Landscapes change from a zone to another and you and your children can choose your destination according to the activities you prefer to do.

Surely, during your self-guided vacation, you will have the possibility to plan your activity and personalize your itinerary. It is you who will dictate the pace, taking all the time you will need to play with your children, getting lost into the beauties of nature, seeking dens, looking at animals, climbing trees and relaxing on the beach.

According to the age and the resistance of your children, you can choose to enjoy longer or shorter walking or cycling tours. We ensure you that the itineraries we present to you have already been tested by us, so we can indicate the level of difficulty and give you all the tips to better enjoy your travel experience with your children.

Puglia, Basilicata, Campania: wherever you decide to enjoy this exciting father and son holidays experience, you will have the opportunity to admire beautiful seaside, countryside and mountain landscapes. Getting lost through the natural paths (just to say! You will have our maps and the app that will guide you during the itinerary), you will enjoy scents, colours and incredible panoramas, but, overall, the smiles of your children, who will be excited of exploring the world in such an unusual way and out of their comfort zone.

Learning together with fun

Moreover, you can include in your journey some experiences that will make it more interesting:

  • workshops;
  • tasting experiences;
  • visits to museums.

You and your son can discover together the ancient jobs of the South of Italy, habits and customs from the past or – why not? – prove yourselves into the preparation of traditional local recipes in a suggestive masseria (farmhouse).

There are many museums you can visit to rediscover the remains of ancient civilizations. It is a funnier way for the children to learn history than reading school books, and the parents will have fun learning together. Among the museums you cannot miss, also Museo Ferroviario of Lecce deserves a mention. All the children are fascinated by trains, big and fast beasts running on rails: they will be surprised by discovering their history, admiring old locomotives and dreaming of driving them in an adventurous time travel.

If you choose the seaside in the warm seasons, you will have the possibility to dive with your son in the blue sea of the South of Italy to explore the seabed doing snorkeling, or to challenge each other in diving competitions (but watch out: choose safe places and do not improvise yourselves diving experts!).

Exploring, working, having fun together will enhance you father-son relationship!

Cycling with Slow Active Tours: guarantee of security

Would you like to enjoy a bike tour in the South of Italy with your children, but you are scared that it is not safe?
We have the answer for you and your family: the means we put at your disposal are of high quality and safe. We submit them to maintenance before and after every use and we give you all the tools needed to make comfortable and safe your travel experience.

Moreover, if you travel with a baby, we can give you a comfortable bike infant carrier, to be carried in complete security by mom or dad.

For older kids, a good solution could be the follow me tandem. It is a smart fixing system, thanks to which the bike of the children will be connected to that of the adult. The child will contribute to the ride on a bike of his size, but with not too much effort!

If you want to discover more about our bike rental service, read Bike rental in Puglia: choose the right bike.