A bike tour gives you the opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions, allowing you to reach places where the car cannot arrive.

By bike you can travel at a more human pace and the journey can gain a more authentic dimension. A two-wheels journey put strong and positive emotions into circulation, adding adrenaline and love for exploration, so you can return a child for a while.

Immerse yourself in the land of Puglia, pedaling through the cultivated fields or along the amazing Ionic and Adriatic coasts, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea: it is really worth to experience this kind of trip at least once in your life!

Visit Puglia from another point of view: find out why it is convenient to rent a bike to explore the wonders of Salento region.

Bike tour in Puglia: why choose a two-wheels travel

A bike tour among unspoiled natural landscapes will give you the thrill of freedom. When you get in the saddle, you fully enjoy what surrounds you, without barriers. You can catch every nuance and detail of the landscapes and urban centres where you will cycle: colours, scents, sounds and… winds. Riding your bike creates empathy with the surrounding environment, by naturally immersing yourself in the local reality made of people and nature.

In the countryside you can breathe pure air and on the coast the sea breeze envelops you, adding something unique to your bike tour in the beauties of the South of Italy.

Renting a bike in Lecce, which is also known as the Florence of the South thanks to its artistic heritage, allows you to travel in Salento in complete freedom, even if you do not have a driving license or your own vehicle. After renting a bike, you can freely move throughout Salento, without being bound by the timetables of public transport that, unfortunately, here in the South, may never arrive! Riding your bike, you will find neither bans nor limitations on your way, nor the unease caused by the need to change direction because the asphalt road suddenly turns into a mule track.

Moreover, you can choose the itinerary of your tour according to your preferences and modulate the intensity of your journey on your personal rhythm. You will have the opportunity to travel slowly, devoting the needed time to explore places, having stops to visit the many attractions, taste the good local food, immerse into the culture of the region and talk to the local people.

Besides being ecologic and cheap, riding a bike is also healthy! By pedaling, you can burn the calories you take with the delicious food you can eat in Puglia, strengthen your muscles and your brain (yes, it has been proved that physical activity is good for the brain!).

Now you just need one thing: choosing the bike that best fits your needs. Slow Active Tours offers different kinds of bikes and different sizes, allowing everybody to live an exciting and comfortable experience on two wheels in Puglia.

Renting a bike in Puglia: a bike for every need!

Slow Active Tours meets the needs of cyclists of every age, thanks to the availability of every sizes bikes.

The means we offer are characterized by the high-quality of components: Shimano gears and brakes and run-flat tyres make our bikes safe also for long journeys. Moreover, we ensure constant maintenance: specialised mechanics revise them before and after each use. To grant the maximum safety, we travellers our emergency telephone number for support or any further information.

Everybody can travel with us! The most expert cyclist can choose the Bianchi All Road, a gravel bike. This kind of bike, midway between a mountain bike and a racing bicycle, is ideal both for gravel paths and for asphalt roads.

The durable and comfortable trekking bikes are perfect for those travellers who would like to enjoy a slow bike tour in full safety.

If you are not so much trained or you would like to avoid fatigue during a bike tour, the best choice for you is the e-bike, that is an electric bicycle with pedal assistance: a whole other way of travelling!

Bike rental in Lecce: the best accessories for a comfortable journey

Our bikes guarantee the user to live a fully enjoyable experience. Thanks to its comfortable seat and the new and professional accessories, the bike tour in the Salento region with Slow Active Tours will be really pleasant!

We give you new and safe Abus helmets, durable bottle holders and luggage racks. The Ortlieb side bags, with a capacity of 12 lt. each, are water resistant and have a self-locking fixing system. The German company Ortlieb has been a warranty of quality for almost 40 years. Its founder Hartmud Ortlieb found its inspiration during a bike journey, when the rain caused him to sleep in a wet sleeping bed. So, he had the idea to realize water resistant bike bags, that nowadays he exports in more than 30 countries.

The smartphone holder is also practical and safe: the most technological travellers will have the opportunity to use a fantastic app, Ridewithgps, which works even offline. Thanks to it, the biker can follow our tips and a customized trail that we always test before.

Bike rental in Salento: a family experience

A bike tour with the whole family will be easy and funny, if you choose Slow Active Tours. The children will have fun exploring the marvels of the South of Italy, pedaling with their parents or comfortably seated into a bike infant carrier.

We also offer the ideal solution to involve your children in the ride, avoiding them to spend too much effort. We are talking about the follow-me tandem! The children can ride the right size bikes, that are connected to their parents’ ones with a smart fixing system: in this way, they will be helped by the adults but will also contribute to ride, with fun. Find out more, watching this video:

Bike rental in Puglia: the trails

The Apulian territory is perfect for bike tours and offers easy and suitable itineraries for everyone.

Renting a bike in Puglia, you will have the opportunity to choose among numerous trails, depending on your preferences or the time at your disposal. We can deliver and collect our bikes in the regions of Puglia and Basilicata. The delivery is free in Lecce for a minimum rental of 3 days. Moreover, if you want to collect the bikes directly at our office, we will offer you support and the means to do it.

The hills of Murge and Valle d’Itria are gently-rolling, while Salento region is characterized by a very flat landscape. The only exception is the Adriatic stretch of coast between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca, with its high cliffs, from where you can enjoy stunning panoramas over the most beautiful sea of Puglia.

Riding an average speed of 10-15 km/h for about 50 km per day, you will have plenty of time to visit the most picturesque places in Puglia.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy a thoughtless holiday and avoid the pre-departure organizational stress, you can choose one of the packages offered by Slow Active Tours, which includes exciting trails, overnight stays and rich and tasty breakfasts. You will need to bring just the necessary for the bike tour with you: we will take care of the luggage transportation!

One of the most exciting bike tour in Salento is along the two coastlines: you will start from Lecce, ride to Leuca along the Ionian coast via Gallipoli and then return to Lecce pedaling along the Adriatic coast. Discover this classic itinerary with the tour Salento by bike. If you are a paper lover, we will offer you a paper road-book for this tour, rich in details and cycling directions, in addition to the support via mobile app.