The tours we propose at Slow Active Tours are one of the best ways to explore the enchanting places of Southern Italy: discovering the Heel of Italy through a walking hoiliday is a unique opportunity.

Salento: a land with a mix of cultures

The peninsula of Salento allows trekking lovers to discover a unique mix of the traces of the past and the beauties of the present.

Getting lost through these lands means to witness a splendid union of man and nature. As it often happens in the lands of transition – and Salento is not an exception –, the combination of occidental and oriental cultures fascinates and surprises every time.

Is there a better way to discover these wonders than a walking tour on the traces of the heritage of the many civilizations that have succeeded in Salento land? To organize a walking holiday means immerse yourself in the most authentic spirit of these places, rediscovering a quiet and natural rhythm in a surprising and restorative tour.

Moving to Otranto, on the traces of Prehistory

Among the many proposals by Slow Active Tours, there is a trekking trip which is dedicated to the discovery of Salento from Otranto to Leuca, the southernmost point of the region.

The track is suitable even for those who are not trained. It is an individual tour of 8 days, enough to discover the extreme stretch of the Heel of Italy. Little more than a week is indeed the time needed to grasp all the nuances that this land between the two seas (Ionian and Adriatic) can offer. The starting point is Lecce, the capital of Baroque.

Moving in the direction of Otranto, you will have the opportunity to visit the megalithic park near Giurdignano, to admire dolmens and menhir: this place is one of the less known by the mass tourism which every summer pours out on the coasts. However, the megalithic Salento has much to offer to whoever wants to immerse themselves into the discovery of an ancient past that dates back to the Prehistory.

From Otranto to Leuca along Adriatic Sea

Otranto city, with its splendid Cathedral and the floor mosaic representing the Tree of Life, is the next stop.

Otranto, maybe the most beautiful city in the entire Salento, is absolutely worth a visit, especially if you decide to taste its culture through a slow tour.

Along the way to the south, the panorama is characterised by cliffs overlooking the sea and enchanting bays. Here the unspoilt nature offers a really breath-taking spectacle, with colours and landscapes typical of a postcard.

To get to Leuca, you will walk the Via Francigena of the South, an ancient walking route of the pilgrims. The path combines the boundless beauty of the sea with typical rural glimpses: it will be common to run into the remains of ancient rural dwellings or noble houses.

Finally, you will get to Leuca, which was called Finibus Terrae by Latins, because it is the extreme town of the Heel of Italy. It is a nice seaside town, which overlooks the two seas with a majestic lighthouse.