Vernazza is one of the Cinque Terre of the wonderful Ligurian territory. Considered the jewel of the Riviera, it is easy to stay breathless in front of its narrow streets overlooking the blue sea. Walking through Vernazza and its paths it is very easy to come across dry stone walls and fields that make this small village unique. As you may have guessed, the best way to visit the Cinque Terre and Vernazza in particular is on foot, which is why  you will find some magnificent itineraries offered by Slow Active tours.

The village of Vernazza has very ancient origins, it is said, in fact, that the first settlements date back to the 11th century. In fact, it was in 1080 that the first written documentation concerning this territory was written, which in ancient times had assumed the name of Castrum Vernatio.
Thanks to its strategic position, it immediately assumed an important role for trade and maritime trade, as well as for the defense of the Gulf.

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What to see in Vernazza

Walking through Vernazza it is easy to get lost in its alleys that lead to beautiful architectural buildings.
Why not decide to spend a carefree day to discover the beauties of this fascinating village in Liguria?
If you want to spend a day in Vernazza, we have prepared a list of things to see and visit in peace:

  • Church of Santa Margherita
  • Castello Doria
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio

And now let's set off together to discover the most identifying places in Vernazza!

 Church of Santa Margherita

Built in the 13th century, according to some sources, it follows the foundations of an ancient church dating back to the tenth century. The particularity of this church lies in the very presence of different contemporary styles, in fact the church, having been renovated several times, contains Romanesque and Baroque elements and is adorned with a bell tower 40 meters high added later. The church, moreover, houses numerous works of art including the splendid organ with two keyboards built in the '70s.

Castello Doria

Continuing our wonderful tour to Vernazza on foot you will reach Castello Doria. It is said that it was built in the 111th century and that it suffered numerous different dominations that have made it changes. Surely the cylindrical tower in the center represents the oldest part of the castle, this is then surrounded by a building with an irregular shape that fits perfectly to the rock on which it stands.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio

Do not miss absolutely is also the Sanctuary of our lady of Reggio. In correspondence to the sanctuary, in the 1st  century arose the ancient populations that later migrated to the sea giving light to the village of Vernazza. Today you can see an ancient church consisting of a Romanesque facade and ancient ornaments of Baroque origin added later. The real peculiarity of the church is that it was built on the foundations of a pagan cemetery creating an aura of mystery around the sanctuary.

Festivals and Popular celebrations in Vernazza

One of the ways to fully enjoy the air of this village is to walk by Vernazza during one of its patron celebrations and enjoy all its aspects.
Among these we remember the Patron Feast of Saint Mary of Antioch celebrated every year on the 20th of July. On this occasion the main streets of the village are filled with stalls and banquets and in the evening you can attend a suggestive fireworks display.
On the occasion of Christmas, December 25, in Vernazza, Underwater Christmas is celebrated. During this holiday, in fact, divers bring to the surface a statue of the Child Jesus that will then be transported with a procession to the parish church where the Holy Mass will be held.
Another very interesting attraction that you can meet walking around Vernazza is the weekly market held in the main square of the village every morning on Tuesday.

Typical dishes of Vernazza

Wandering around Vernazza on foot, you can feel the scents of the delicious local dishes. The cuisine of this village is mainly based on the tradition of La Spezia, offering dishes such as lasagne with pesto and stuffed sardines, but the dish par excellence of this wonderful village is the Ciuppin: a fish soup prepared with rock fish and stale bread.

Eating and Drinking in Vernazza

Here are some suggestions from the area:

Piadiamo Vernazza in Via Girolamo Guidoni, 50. It is a piadina shop quite hidden in the alleys of the town, just before the steps to the Doria Castle, which sells piadine filled with excellent quality ingredients every day.
Pippo a Vernazza in Via Giovan Battista Gavino, 28Ideal for a quick lunch and to eat well, thanks to the quality ingredients and traditional dishes that are detached from the traps for tourists. Everything is surrounded by a great and friendly staff. 
Vernazza Winexperience in Via San Giovanni Battista, 41. The beautiful view of the gulf and the elegant atmosphere accompany the excellent aperitif at a good price. Certainly, the winning card is the wine list, rich in quality products.

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