Monzuno is one of the member municipalities of the Upper and Middle Reno Valley mountain community, which means that, despite its small size (it has only 6200 inhabitants) it has significant importance for excursion lovers in the woods and mountains. 

The municipality of Monzuno is characterised by a very ancient history. In fact, throughout the country it is possible to find numerous streets and buildings that refer to the names of Greek and Roman deities, just as the name of the country itself probably derives from the Latin "Mons Junonis", or "Mount of Juno". Since ancient times, Monzuno has been an important crossroads that connected Bologna and Florence, so much so that it was directly affected by the construction of the railway line that united the two capital cities. During the Second World War the municipality fought hard in favour of the Liberation, and today boasts the honour of having been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Civil Merit.

What to see in Monzuno

If these places fascinate you, you will encounter Monzuno by taking one of our tours: 

Trekking on the Way of Gods: from Bologna to Firenze

The activities for locals and visitors in Monzuno have to do with the wonderful nature that surrounds this village because the municipality is totally immersed in nature. Nonetheless, it is also possible to enjoy small jewels hidden among the streets of the town. We have prepared a list of things to see in Monzuno to enjoy its beauties. Why not decide to dedicate a day to visit Monzuno?

  • Church of Montorio
  • Bertocchi-Coliva Art Gallery
  • Contrafforte Pliocenico nature reserve
  • Mount Venus
  • Via degli Dei

And now let's set off together to discover the most incredible places in Monzuno!

Church of Montorio

It is the main church of the municipality and is located right in the Monzuno square. What characterises this church is the contrast between the internal and external environments. In fact, while the exterior is simple and austere, the interior of the church is totally decorated in gold and with splendid paintings and frescoes.

Bertocchi-Coliva Art Gallery

Despite its very small size, the Municipality of Monzuno also has an art gallery of some importance. In fact, inside it is possible to see the paintings of the two famous nineteenth-century artists Nino Bertocchi and Lea Colliva, artists and professors who dedicated their art to the wonderful landscapes of Bologna and the hills.

Contrafforte Pliocenico nature reserve

The reserve represents one of the most beautiful and evocative naturalistic and landscape wonders in the area. It was created to protect the entire rocky front of the mountains and rises from the valleys of the Reno and the surrounding streams, for 15 km, up to the imposing peaks of Monte dell'Adone (654m) and Monte delle Formiche (638m). The peculiarity of this rocky front is that, having once been covered by water, today it preserves numerous fossils. Definitely an unmissable destination for mountain walking lovers!

Mount Venus

Obviously, if you are in Monzuno, you absolutely cannot miss a trekking excursion on the two peaks of Mount Venere. The mountain is located entirely within the municipality, so it is easy to reach, and from its top it offers a wonderful view of the mouth of four small, crystal-clear waterways.

Via degli Dei

If you are a trekking enthusiast and have a few days available, you cannot miss Via degli Dei. The municipality, in fact, represents the second stage of one of the most beautiful paths in all of Italy which unites Bologna and Florence through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Be sure to not miss it!

Popular festivals and celebrations of Monzuno

The most important festival in the municipality of Monzuno is “Monzuno in festa”. The celebration takes place in the month of June and aims to enhance the beauty and food and wine and artisanal goodness of the area. For this reason, for the entire duration of the festival, vans and stalls are set up in which breweries and food and wine companies specialising in street food promote tastings of their products. As for religious holidays, the feast of San Luigi is celebrated on the last Sunday of August. For this anniversary the small town of Monzuno is filled with stalls offering typical products and stages from which you can enjoy concerts and shows. 

Typical dishes of Monzuno

The cuisine of Monzuno is characteristic of the Bolognese Apennines, which is why, among the typical and most used ingredients, we certainly find mushrooms and beef and veal, but also game and game. These ingredients often accompany the egg pasta typical of the region, such as tagliatelle, lasagna and tortellini.

Eating and Drinking in Monzuno

Among the many restaurants in the centre of Monzuno, we recommend some that are worth visiting:
I Tigellanti in Località la Torre 99/1 – Tel +39 348 015 6263. The perfect place to taste the typical and delicious Emilian tigelle. In this restaurant tradition blends with innovation and the typical ingredients of the region are mixed with new ingredients that are always of excellent quality.
Agriturismo Prunara in Freddolina street 73 – Tel +39 342 761 4587. A quiet and relaxed environment is the setting for excellent meals prepared with care and love. Excellent farmhouse for families who can enjoy dinner leaving their children free to run and discover all the animals present in the structure.
Da Alessandro Restaurant-pizzeria in Val Di Setta street 48/A - Tel +39 051 677 9354. What is most striking about this pizzeria is the very wide choice of pizzas present, both in terms of tastes and the different doughs offered. The place is warm and welcoming and the staff very friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stuff ready and off you go!