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The Via Micaelica: from Benevento to Monte Sant'Angelo

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Self guided · WalkingDuration: 10 daysCode: ws042
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The Via Micaelica is an exciting itinerary that intertwines with the Via Francigena in the South: starting from Benevento, in fact, it leads to the foot of the Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo in a whirlwind of unforgettable emotions. An inviting journey through the territories of the most authentic Irpinia and the evocative Tavoliere delle Puglie, still steeped in stories halfway between myth and legend, to finally arrive in the heart of the Gargano Regional Park, one of the largest protected natural areas in Italy.


  • The magic of the Bolle della Malvizza: between myth and legend

  • The Gargano National Park: heritage of beauty

  • Tavoliere delle Puglie: ancient granary of Italy

  • Nero di Troia: a red wine with an epic flavor




Once you arrive in Benevento, take some time to fully enjoy one of the most important cities in southern Italy, not only for its position in the center between the Via Appia and the Via Traiana, but for having also been the setting for the clashes between the Romans and the Carthaginians , two of the most important peoples who dominated the Mediterranean. A melting pot of ethnic groups, each of which has brought with it the smells and flavors of its land of origin. The Romans had a particular influence on the city, the monumental Arch of Trajan, which stands out over the elegant and refined historic center, and the Roman Theatre, one of the most majestic structures of the time, dating back to that period. The Church of Santa Sofia, dating back to Lombard rule, witnessed the birth of the particular Benevento script, known for the lowercase characters in use throughout the South for 5 centuries.


From Benevento to Buonalbergo

24 km, +778, -370

After a hearty breakfast strolling through the traditions of Campania, you will say goodbye to Benevento to reach the legendary Buonalbergo. In this first stage of the Via Micaelica, in fact, you will enter the southern Apennines, the natural border line between Campania and Puglia. Leaving Benevento behind you, you will pass the ancient town of Paduli, a charming village, now abandoned, but which still preserves particular monuments, very interesting to visit, such as the lovely Mother Church of San Bartolomeo, characterized by the ancient entrance at the base of the bell tower. Today's journey ends in Buonalbergo accompanied by the rolling hills, where the strong sense of hospitality of its inhabitants has remained unchanged over time.
We recommend visiting the Ponte delle Chianche, built by Emperor Trajan, and the seventeenth-century Church of San Carlo Borromeo, in the meantime you could enjoy the tasty Picciulatiello or sweet bread, considered by some to be the oldest dessert in Buonalbergo which tradition dictates to be handmade and left to rest.


From Buonalbergo to Celle di San Vito

29 km, +898, -726

With the second stage of the Via Micaelica, completely crossing the southern Apennines, you will arrive in the beautiful Puglia which will welcome you with all its warmth. An exciting stage because it is full of unmissable and fascinating places, such as the Bolle della Malvizza, a small volcanic lake immersed in an ancestral and unique scenario still today surrounded by numerous legends that are handed down from father to son. You will thus reach a road dotted with fascinating farms until you admire the wonderful hot springs that dominate the ruins of the historic Aequum Tuticum, an ancient village famous in ancient times for having been included in the famous Tabula Peutingeriana as a crucial node of important Roman arteries.
Today's adventure will finally lead you to Celle di San Vito, an ancient location that once controlled the Via Traiana and which today houses the Museum of Franco-Provençal Rural Civilization with its incredible and unique collection of tools and work tools expertly used over the centuries by farmers and today they are witnesses of an ancient tradition that does not want to be forgotten. 


From Celle di San Vito to Troia

18km, +301, -590

Today's stage will allow you to explore in small steps the wonderful Tavoliere delle Puglie, once a renowned wheat production area, today the setting for the unusual and characteristic town of Troia, which in the 12th century hosted four Councils and where the oldest document on the Via Francigena is kept. The elegant historic center is dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, an exceptional example of the fusion of styles and civilizations that have come and gone in this incredible region. While inside the Cathedral Treasure Museum, in the central Piazza Episcopo, it is possible to admire three very precious medieval scrolls of the famous liturgical songs recited on Easter night and decorated with precious miniatures.
At the end of the day, treat yourself to a well-deserved rest, perhaps sipping the legendary Nero di Troia, a red wine with a strong and lively flavor. For the more demanding, however, the typical "Passionata" will remove all doubts: it is in fact a delicious ricotta-based dessert covered with exquisite almond paste, absolutely not to be confused with Sicilian cassata, try it!


From Troia to Lucera

22km, +96, -315

In the fourth stage of this exciting journey on the Via dell'Arcangelo you will reach Lucera, defined as the "key to Puglia" due to its particular position in the center of the rich Tavoliere. Today's route is a route that winds through a landscape rich in history and traditions, which will make you discover old sheep tracks located on the ancient routes of transhumance and which today are timeless testimonies of peasant practices that will remain engraved in the memory of these places.
After a regenerating dinner, perhaps after having sipped a glass of tasty local wine, in dialect called "cacc e mmitte" literally “remove and put in”, from the action that the farmers had to do by moving the must from one tank to another, give yourself some time to discover the Palatium Imperiale built by Emperor Frederick II and, in the Angevin era, incorporated into a fortress made up of 4 imposing towers.


From Lucera to San Severo

26 km, +89, -220

After a pleasant awakening surrounded by the fresh Apulian countryside, in the heart of the ancient Capitanata, one of the most important districts of southern Italy, you will resume your journey towards the Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo. Leaving the town center perched on a hill from which the imposing Swabian-Angevin castle stands, follow a path that through the woods will take you into the boundless expanse of Tavoliere in the direction of San Severo, which has been a destination for pilgrimages along the Via Micaelica for centuries.
Once you arrive in its characteristic historic center you will be able to admire the beauty of this ancient medieval village which boasts the title of city of art and which prides itself on having been the first to obtain the DOC recognition in Puglia for its wines as demonstrated by the different underground cellars scattered throughout the territory.
Unmissable is the Alto Tavoliere Museum where it is possible to admire very important finds that cover a period of time from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages. Let yourself be inebriated by the delicate scent of the typical dishes enhanced by the flavor of Peranzana oil produced from particular native olives which give the oil a bitter and slightly spicy taste.


From San Severo to Santa Maria di Stignano

20 km, +257, -81

In today's stage you will leave the fascinating territory of Tavoliere to reach the solemn mountains on the edge of the enchanting Gargano, an uncontaminated oasis framed by expanses of cultivated fields and ancient olive groves. Following a path, at times characterized by the remains of an old railway line, you reach the Sanctuary of Stignano, one of the major places of worship in the Capitanata where Saint Francis is said to have passed on his return from his journey to the East. For centuries this place, where you can enjoy peace and serenity, has been the center of pilgrimages to Monte Sant'Angelo. You are in the Gargano National Park, a protected natural area that includes two UNESCO sites: the beech woods of the Umbra Forest and the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo.


From Santa Maria di Stignano to San Giovanni Rotondo

21 km, +900, -536

Traveling along the scenic reliefs of the Gargano, among the ups and downs of the dense Mediterranean scrub which on the horizon offer a panoramic view of the wonderful and sparkling Apulian sea of the Gulf of Manfredonia, you will skirt the Monastery of the Resurrection from where you can glimpse the town of San Giovanni Rotondo. Here a pleasant walk among the fresh and rocky woods will lead you to the sight of the imposing Sanctuary of San Pio da Pietrelcina built in 2004 which every year welcomes thousands of believers from all over the world to pay homage to the saint's remains displayed in the crypt.
After the exciting visit to the places that marked the life of San Pio, let yourself be pampered by the unique flavors of the culinary tradition of the Gargano such as the typical paposcia, a delicious panfocaccia to be garnished with cured meats, vegetables and other local products.


From San Giovanni Rotondo to Monte SantìAngelo

25 km, +483, -302

Gather energy thanks to a delicious and abundant breakfast and get ready to immerse yourself in this last stage of the Cammino dell'Angelo where you will be pampered by the natural beauty of the Gargano. Like ancient medieval pilgrims you will be enchanted by the incredible timeless charm of this land surrounded by the green of the woods and the boundless blue of the sea. After a short descent between expanses of fields and a few farms arranged here and there, you come across a circle of stones which represents the midpoint of the so-called San Michele line which goes from Mont Saint-Michel, in France, to Mount Carmel, in ancient Galilee. Tradition dictates that each pilgrim, before continuing his journey, places a stone in the center.
Unforgettable views of the Gulf of Manfredonia, between the slopes of a mountain relief, give every traveler an evocative and unforgettable arrival in the ancient village of Monte Sant'Angelo linked to the apparition of the Archangel Michael.
An event that led to the transformation of an ancient cave on the Gargano into the largest sanctuary dedicated to the saint.


Arrivederci Monte Sant'Angelo!

After breakfast, end of services. However, we suggest you take the time to walk through the streets of the village and listen to the secrets and legends of one of the oldest and most well-known pilgrimage destinations in Europe. The history of the town revolves around the figure of San Michele, venerated already in the Byzantine age, coinciding with the construction of the Sanctuary dedicated to him. However, it was with the Lombards that the devotion to the Archangel intensified and spread throughout Europe, so much so that the Sanctuary Cave was transformed into the most important place of worship dedicated to him.
A ritual that is renewed from year to year and which has its highlight at the end of September, when on the occasion of the patronal feast, the three apparitions of the Archangel on the Gargano are staged in the streets of the historic center.

What's included

Our offer includes

  • 9 nights with breakfast in shared double/twin room
  • Luggage transportation hotel to hotel (1 item per person)
  • Pilgrim's Credential
  • Travel App (maps, tracks, route notes)
  • Phone assistance 08:00-20:00

Not included

  • Transfer IN and Transfer OUT
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Extra luggage
  • Entrance fees and tips
  • Hotel tourist taxes
  • Insurance and what's not listed as “Included”

Departures and prices

Bassa Stagione01/02/2024 => 23/03/2024
Standard690 € /p
Media Stagione24/03/2024 => 21/06/2024
Standard740 € /p
Alta Stagione22/06/2024 => 19/07/2024
Standard790 € /p
Media Stagione02/09/2024 => 26/10/2024
Standard740 € /p
Bassa Stagione27/10/2024 => 20/11/2024
Standard690 € /p

Supplements per person

Single Room | Low Season
Standard190 € /p
Single Room | Mid Season
Standard220 € /p
Single Room | High Season
Standard240 € /p
Luggage Transportation for Solo Traveller
Standard150 € /p

Other Information


The itinerary along the Via Micaelica is suitable for anyone who has excellent training in walking for long distances. The length of the stages ranges from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 29 km, with differences in altitude and routes of medium difficulty and travel times between 3 and 6 hours.
The excursions wind along paths and country roads. The excursions mostly wind along dirt paths even in wooded areas and country roads, with some rare but essential passages on busy roads.
We recommend that you equip yourself with comfortable shoes suitable for trekking, trekking poles (strongly recommended), hat, water, sun cream, swimsuit and raincoat in case of rain.

Accomodations & Meals

This tour offers accommodation in central B&B and selected 3* hotel.
All rooms are ensuite.

  • 1 night in Benevento
  • 1 night in Buonalbergo
  • 1 night in Celle di San Vito
  • 1 night in Troia
  • 1 night in Lucera
  • 1 night in San Severo
  • 1 night in San Marco in Lamis
  • 1 night in San Giovanni Rotondo
  • 1 night in Monte Sant'Angelo

9 breakfasts included.


→ We will take care of your luggage while you are walking.
For the whole duration of your tour, you can contact our assistance numbers.

Travel documents

A few days before departure you will receive by email the Service Listwith instructions for using the Travel App.

Upon your arrival, ask for the infopack at reception with:

Arrival and Departure

Getting there

Benevento is easily reachable by car, train, bus and even by plane.

BY TRAIN.Trenitalia connects the major Italian cities with the Salento capital. To find out about cancellations or additions of stops, cancellations, delays, route diversions and much other useful information for those traveling by train with Trenitalia, consult Viaggiatreno.

BY PLANE. The reference airport is Naples with flights departing from the most important Italian and foreign cities.

Capodichino airport is about 80 km from Benevento. More info on the Naples Airports website.

BY BUS. Benevento can also be reached by bus. Below are the major companies that operate the service: Marozzi, Marinobus, Baltour & Flixbus.

BY CAR. The main highways to consider are the A1 Naples – Milan motorway, Caianello exit. A14 motorway (Bologna – Bari) Termoli exit. A16 Naples – Bari motorway, Castel Del Lago exit; For vehicles coming from Naples and Caserta, take the S.S. 7 Appia. can help.

Back to Benevento

From Monte Sant'Angelo, the final destination of the Via Micaelica, it is possible to reach Bari Airport using local transport. More information on Sida Sud and Trenitalia.

→ If you prefer to travel in total comfort, you can book a private transfer on the days of arrival and departure.

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