Puglia is an enchanting land of ancient souls where for many centuries several civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea and Europe have alternated with each other leaving, each of them, their indelible mark. It can easily be assumed that Christianity arrived here before reaching Europe , of which remain the ruins of the most ancient temples of our religion. After people from Magna Graecia and the Romans, arrived the Longobards, the Arabs, the Normans, the Angevins, afterwards the Swabians and the Spaniards, and by these rulers were raised magnificent monuments, churches, convents, towers, castles and palaces in Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles with so many local varieties and features. Plenty of art but also nature in this bizarre strip of land between two seas, so close to the suggestive Matera, hidden town in the forests and mountains of Basilicata region. Not even food and wine lovers will be disappointed during their Puglia Holidays! Selected wineries, restaurants, farms and bakeries: forget about diets and be curious to know one of the places where gastronomic culture is considered sacred, that’s South Italy.


This trek crosses the ancient lands of Terra d'Otranto and Terra di Bari, beyond the boundaries between Basilicata and Puglia. Starting from Matera you will visit and stay in pleasing small towns like Alberobello, Ostuni and Lecce.


A walking holiday in the Natural Park Otranto-Leuca and Tricase Forest, a journey full of history. Where the signs of the past still remind us that this land was the border between East and West.


A week by bike to explore the fairytale land of Trulli, a hilly area with a mild climate and gentle profiles: its rural landscape is much loved by the local cyclists and not only for its beauty and variety. Starting from Alberobello, Unesco World Heritage for its pretty and mysterious houses, you will cycle in the green hearth of Puglia, reaching within a few kilometers enchanting little towns and hidden wonders. Art, nature and the gorgeous flavours of the Itria Valley will fill your body and soul!


The bike is the perfect way to get to know the southernmost part of the beautiful region of Puglia: the area of Salento. Enjoying at first the beautiful town of Lecce, the "Florence of the South", and its surroundings, you will cycle through art, culture, traditional and tasty food, open countrysides, breathtaking coastlines and a surprising nature, the only one able to survive in this extremely sunny and windy land.


Traveling at a slow pace to discover a territory that tries to keep its ancient balance between man and nature, focusing on a local development that emphasizes its architectural features and craftsmanship.


A bike route designed to connect the three Unesco sites of Castel del Monte, Matera and Alberobello, to appreciate all aspects of a territory that holds within it not only evidence of significant historical, archaeological and palaeontological interest, but also environmental and landscape phenomena of great importance.