Among the many lifestyles and the thousand options that modernity offers us, one certainty remains absolute: we all need holidays!

An active holiday is ideal for fully regenerating body and spirit and, without going too far, the beautiful Italian peninsula is an inextinguishable resource: how about a trekking trip in Liguria and Cinque Terre?

In this article you will discover the must see sights during your walking trip in Liguria through the Cinque Terre.

Liguria is a region between the sea and the mountains, and with its particular crescent shape in a narrow strip of land, it contains numerous wonders. And a journey on foot, along breathtaking itineraries and surprising landscapes, is the best way to discover the places to see.

There are numerous nature trails dedicated to trekking in Liguria and the Cinque Terre that characterize this region, and some of these itineraries allow you to discover the most fascinating villages and the most renowned tourist resorts, combining nature, sea and culture.
Liguria is a must
for lovers of trekking and active holidays. It consists of small villages to be discovered, a food and wine tradition that combines land and sea dishes that will amaze your palate, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views.
Trekking in Liguria will make you know and experience the best of this region, to be discovered at a slow pace.

But what are the must see sights during your trekking in Liguria?

A walking trip takes time to be organized and traveled, and it is therefore always a necessity to choose the places you don’t want to miss.
When we designed for you the 1-week tour Discover Liguria: Cinque Terre walking holiday we got to know this very suggestive territory. And here are the places that we consider unmissable to fully discover this enchanting region during your trekking trip in Liguria:

  • Portofino;
  • Sestri Levante, "city of the two seas";
  • The Cinque Terre;
  • Camogli.


It is the icon of Liguria, a jewel in the heart of the Golfo Paradiso, known all over the world and synonymous with elegance and beauty. Portofino is a seaside village to be explored on foot among the tall and colorful houses that surround the renowned Piazzetta. Its territory is part of the Portofino Regional Natural Park which since 1935 preserves and protects the extraordinary beauty of this area and its traditions, making it accessible through itineraries and paths. So, if you are planning your trekking trip in Liguria, don't miss this location.

Sestri Levante, "city of the two seas"

Initially known as Segesta or Segeste, Sestri Levante is today known as the "city of the two seas" for its particular morphological conformation. The city in fact rises between two bays, the Baia delle Favole and the Baia del Silenzio, divided by an isthmus that joins the promontory, which is the oldest part of the country, to the mainland. A must see place rich in history and culture with enchanting views and unmissable views of the sea to be reached only on foot. But Sestri Levante, like all of Liguria, is not just the sea: inside it offers the perfect landscape for nature trails ideal for trekking and mountain biking. Well connected to the rest of the region, it could also be an excellent permanent base from which to leave for your daily trekking excursions in Liguria, as in the travel package Walking the Cinque Terre & Portofino - Central Based.

The Cinque Terre

Five ancient seaside villages overlooking the sea, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, characterize one of the most beautiful natural Mediterranean areas of Liguria known, precisely, with the name of Cinque Terre. Enchanted beaches, crystal clear sea, colorful houses perched overlooking the sea, and a network of trekking paths ideal for a walking trip on the Ligurian coast. The perfect place for a holiday dedicated to nature and wellness. The Cinque Terre area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997 and its international fame is such that it is considered a place in itself, so much so that many foreigners who come to trek in Liguria, even ignore that it is part of this region. You must see them all!!


It is one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Liguria, Camogli is renowned for its mild climate and its folklore. Its historic center and the ancient castle perched on the sea, together with its tall and colorful houses, make it a unique and enchanting town. Rich in culture and love for tradition, Camogli is the setting and starting point for hiking in the Portofino Park, and is the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to trekking and slow travel. To get inspired, take a look at our Walking guide of Camogli.

These are at the top of the list of enchanting must-see places that Liguria is rich in. Extraordinary places that blend together colors and scents of the sea and the mountains, which can be traveled on foot through paths and itineraries that are unique in the world for their beauty.
If you are thinking of a holiday to recharge your batteries, a nice walking tour in Liguria through the Cinque Terre is strictly recommended. Nothing more suitable for lovers of trekking and outdoor tourism and for those who simply look for another way to travel.